Tuesday , March 2 2021

Robbie Williams rides Corona Capital with style

MEXICO CITY (AP) .- In addition to dressing up a Mexican national team shirt, Robbie Williams invited his father to sing at Corona Capital's main stage before dinner.

Williams and his father performed "Better Man", while the singer was wearing a national team jersey and a gentleman's wing, similar to Scottish kilotas (which rose during the concert during a concert and showed the public's ass), which was in contrast to his father's father, Pete Conway.

The singer has a close connection with Conway, and has invited him to sing with the others at the X Factor. Williams also invited the admirer from Guadalajara, who sang the classic "Somethin 'Stupid" by Frank Sinatra. Interestingly, the fan was named Nicole, as actress Nicole Kidman, with whom Williams recorded a song in 2001.

The audience also impressed with "Feel", "Angels", "Rock DJ" and "Trippin" of the British star, who was delighted with the real showmanship and was impressed by the response he received from the audience at the presentation. He often went to the chapel and told the audience somewhere: "They are excellent if they are not good audiences, I do not say anything, I sing and I go, and I said that they are … but you are not." The singer left the stage to greet his fans and passionate kissing a young girl.

Williams acknowledged George Michael, who played "Freedom" and sang the fragments "Livin 'in prayer" Bon Jovi, "Rehab" Amy Winehouse and "Take On Me" A-ha.

Other popular nights were chemical brothers returning to Mexico from 2011 when they performed at Viva Latino, the second major Hermanos Rodríguez motor show festival, where Corona took place.

The fans gathered for more than half an hour before dinner before the British DJ duo Tom Rowlans and Ed Simons arrived.

As often happens in their concert, the brothers did not talk to the audience, but this did not prevent the crowd from dancing with "Hey Boy, Hey Girl", "Scape Velocity", "Go" and "Elektrobank". In their set, with some previous trips, they mixed new visual effects, such as the already classic white buildings and silhouettes of the animals with "Beliefs", while the "Sature" released huge balls of colors that people played.

Jesus and Mary Chain gave a classic rock on the evening songs such as "Head On", "Just Like Honey" and "I Hate Rock" n "Roll". The Scottish band, led by Brother Jim and William Reid, took time to present recordings from their latest album, "Damage and Joy", such as "Amputation" and "Mood Rider".

Bastille, Lorde, The Kooks, Births, Friendly Fires and Panic! In The Disco, which were some of the most popular artists. Corona Capital yesterday continued with Imagine Dragons, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Mercury Rev and Death Cab For Cutie.


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