Response to cancer drugs within 10 days


SZacatecas Minister of Health Gilberto Breña Cantú has informed the Mexican Cancer Aid Association (AMANC) that the federation will respond to the supply of oncology drugs in the entity in 10 days.

Susan Cabral Bujdud,, AMANC President Zacatecas said there was still no known reason why the drug did not enter the body, they tell us what in 10 days, but we’ve been waiting a long time, I hope it’s day now, ”he added.

He remembered that fromand October 2019 that the health sector has problems with the doctorcancer growth and honey In 2020, the Association for the Purchase of Medicines wasted 3.5 million pesos.

The reason why there are not enough resources in 2021 this yearyoun continue to buy the drug, “we are concerned”,, Express.

He was aware that there was a shortage of oncology drugs at the national levels, a condition that has exceeded the health authorities,, because keys are needed basic for chemotherapy.

However, options must be sought medicine for children; illustrates that ‘just as they bring vaccines from other countries,, the same should be done with anti-cancer drugsr “.

In front of this panorama,, Cabral Bujdud proclaimed and “We can’t wait any longer, forthat the day will come when we will we were left without beets to give medicine, trustwe will find a solution “.

He explained that so far non suspended chemotherapyapias children gracewith the support provided by AMANC and the efforts of the parents themselves, WHO “toeven impossible to give treatment of their children, many want to sell their cars, houses, something that is not fair,what is ffuerzo years, is a very small heritage and children should be treated bywhat the source was meant for him, ”he was convicted.


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