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Map now: astronomers represent the 3D model of a huge emptiness, located beside our galaxy (VIDEO)


Our galaxy, the Roman Road, is on the verge of a huge emptiness that is spreading. Now a group of astrophysicists has computed and mapped the boundaries of this extra-informational structure.

The universe is the tissue of collections of galaxies and large areas that are relatively empty. The galaxies do not only move along with the general prevalence of the universe, but are also subjected gravity pulling from neighbors and large-scale regions. Consequently, they attract the worst surfaces and away from those with little weight, voids.

One of these is known as a local voidLocal vacuum), discovered in 1987 near the Roman road, but has not yet studied that it is located at the center of our galaxy, which prevented observation.

An international team of astronomers has published a new study on this structure in The Astrophyscial Journal and created a three-dimensional map of this void and its surroundings.

For this, the researchers measured the movement 18,000 galaxies define the boundaries between the plurality of substances and the absence of substances that determine the boundaries of the local void.

Astronomers have been trying for 30 years to find out the reasons why the shift of the Roman road, the large neighboring galaxy of Andromeda and other smaller neighbors goes beyond the general expansion of space in more than 600 kilometers per second.

A new study claims that about half of this movement is due to a local factor: combinations the attraction of the galaxy cluster The Virgin and our cooperation in expanding the Local Emptiness.

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