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Liga MX: Rayados concludes preparations with a victory against Black Lions


Guadalajara, Jalisco /

Team Slippery closed preparation with a win 2 for 1 about black lions before beginning Opening 2019, v the celebration of the 45th anniversary of de de G, when Omar Bravo returns to the courts.

About the first game of the encounter with danger, Jorge Mora trying to complete the framework, Colombia Estefan Medina, prevented the "fat" of the Must to open the label.

Black left followed by insisting on the visitor frame and in the minute 27, Adrian Villalobos He sent the cross to the area led by Jorge Mora, although the ball struck Nico Sánchez It was wasted like a head.

In the most important game of the first Daniel Amador trying to bite the ball before leaving Marcelo Barovero, but the Argentine goalkeeper on one side bounced off the ball.

In the second half Rayados opened scoring Aviles Hurtado, by auction. t Ángel ZaldívaFelipe Lopez stopped but Colombia refused to hit the shot in the 50th minute. Barovero He re-appeared and raised the ball with two hands in the 65th minute.

The other for Regios was a great goal Aviles Hurtado, with left legs on the edge of the area to the farthest goalkeeper in the 70th minute.

Omar Bravo, who was invited to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the black lion entered the game in the 80th minute, the former player Guadalajara was greeted with a fan of fans. Marvin Ceballos at home in the 82th minute.

Monterrey will be the debut in Opening 2019 against America next Saturday in Azteca Stadium, on the other hand, the team Black left he will visit Alebria from Oaxaca.

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