Ingrid Coronado reveals what is her favorite sex toy (VIDEO)


November 15, 2018

In a recent interview with Adela Micho, the driver admits laughter, which is her first choice in terms of complacency. "

Photo: YouTube video La Saga

Recently, Venga la Alegre Ingrid Coronado, a beautiful conductor, has been invited to the La Saga Live program by Adela Micha, where she made a spicy recognition.

[Video YouTube de La Saga Publicado el 13 nov. 2018]

This happened when Adela Micha invited Coronado before the closing of the play to play the famous fire "Garden", but instead of thinking about her name, animal or fruit, she wrote her porn film, city, sex, your favorite sexual position and of course your favorite sex toy.

"Butterfly's toy! It's okay, Dad ask, please, of course there is!" A friend told me, "you acknowledge, laugh.

So we took on the task of finding a famous sex toy, and we found this:

And it is that recently, the former Fernando Del Solar is speaking at different times and spontaneously, now that he is single, do not forget to enjoy it.


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