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Holland was introduced with a difference of 2-0 against France from Rotterdam for the fifth date Liga Liechtenstein UEFA 2018-19.

Soon it will be soon …



France draws attention to the final stage of the competition, which is scheduled to take place between 5 and 9 June in one place; while, Holland he also wants a mystery between the classified to the following example. Follow the minute, stats and goals of the match.

Holland vs. France | Timetables in the world:

1:45 p.m. – Mexico, Costa Rica
2:45 – Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama
14:45 – United States (New York +1, Washington +1, Florida +1, Nevada -2)
3:45 – Venezuela, Bolivia
16.45 – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile
5:45 – Brazil
7:45 on Saturday – United Kingdom
8.45 on Saturday – Spain, Germany, Italy, France

The team of Didier Deschamps, who was irrelevant for fifteen games, is visiting the Orange team, which has increased in recent times and is still enjoying the violence that defeated the German side in its most recent commitment.

Drawing in the Netherlands is enough for the world champion to become part of the quartet of competitors in the final stage.

Holland, in such a way that three points are needed in order to pursue this goal. The next Monday he will visit Germany in Gelsenkirchen.

France maintains the classification with seven units and the fulfillment of the obligations that follow Holland (3) with a run of matches, while Germany only registered one point.

The finalists will be known in the coming days when the two days will be completed, which will be completed by the group.

The two pending meetings that will take place this month will also solve the promotion and decline of categories; great power that will have to challenge the second division or minor choices that will be part of the elite in the next edition.

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