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Electric lift Ford F-150 tow a train 500 tons


Ford has been preparing a fully electric version of its F-150 pick-up truck for several years now. His production is getting closer, while they have decided to show what they can tow a train full of other Ford pickups with a total weight of about 450 tons.

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Ford's electric pickup has been in development since 2017, but earlier this year they reminded us that this would be a reality. The idea behind the company is to prepare it by 2020, but given the potential doubts of F-150 users for decades, they have made small but important proof of the traction capacities of the truck's electric version.

Of course, this version is still a prototype, so they did not want to state what their technical characteristics and specifications are. The only thing that has become clear is that it can drag a lot more than you would expect from a total electric car.

The presentation was made up of two rounds. In the first, an electric lift pulls a series of 10 trains for a distance of nearly 300 meters. Wagons are empty, but weight is still considerable. However, in the second round, these wagons were filled with 42 traditional F-150 trucks, which increased the weight to around 550 tons. Up to now, the Tesla X Tire Vehicle Record of the Towing Vehicle of the electric car after the towing of the Boeing 787-9 aircraft was about 130 tonnes. Tesla has not yet got a pickup for sale.

Ford's electric van will be on sale in 2020. [Ford Motor Company vía Verge]

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