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Daniel Bisogno hit his ex and broke three ribs


Daniel Bisogno hit his ex and broke three ribs. Bisogno abused his wife physically and mentally.

Daniel Bisogno hit his ex and broke three ribs

Daniel Bisogno hit his ex and broke three ribs

After weeks of ignorance of the case of Daniel Bisogne and Cristina Riva Palacio, the TVNotas magazine issued a new bomb saying that the driver was accused of being a violent person; because every time he went to a party, he drank and enjoyed drugs, then he returned home and took him to his mother's daughter.

Cristina Riva Palacio, a source close to her ex-wife, said she went to the hospital with a spill in her eyes and three broken ribs.

"Three or four months before his separation, Daniel started very aggressively and struck Cristina; Every time this happened, she ran with her sister to help her and protect her. Anina and her husband always tried to protect them from Daniel's abuse.

Daniel Bisogno hit his ex and broke three ribs

According to the magazine's portal, in recent months, Daniel came home from home and took care of Cristina, who was the victim of physical and psychological abuse.

"I screamed that she was starving, a foolish, useless, and mentally ill person. Initially, they were only shouts, but over time, things rose and started to strike. He gave three or four strokes, but did not measure his strength in April. "

After extraordinary punches, Cristina asked for help from her sister Anina, who sent the driver to Daniel's house to help her get her out and then take her to the hospital.

"There they told him that he had three inflated right ribs and a spill in the eye, with a blow."

They also found that Daniel returned to his psychological state after a while: "Cristina suffers from a disease called borderline personality disorder, which makes her feelings very unstable and is leaving her. manipulates with Daniel. "

In addition, Bisogno gave him a spill in the eye

This was also influenced by the fact that the driver threatened her: "You could say that he was returning from fear with him; when she went with Anina, Daniel asked her to return home, apologize, and say that things will change, but if she does not, she will start threatening her. "

The source also revealed that Cristina was finally armed with courage when she hit her last time and challenged the driver to reveal her double life because Daniel took care of her for this:

"He told her that if she hit her again, she would lead to public lighting, that she liked the man, and somehow she revealed. Cristina realized that a poor relationship with Daniel is due to the fact that he is tired of double life and that every time he leaves, he will look for a man with whom he will have sexual intercourse and to forget him when he returns home , she painted her anger with her. "

The source revealed that photographs of fraud had served as evidence of divorce proceedings.

Regarding the accusations that Bisogna had launched against Raquel Bigorra, she accused her of disclosing information about her divorce; A person close to Cristina Riva Palacio said that this was a lie and that the driver did so only to divert attention and nothing was known about the criminal proceedings.

Source: Vanguard and TV Notes

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