Carlos Urzúa and Monreal are following the legislative "plan"


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Coordinator Morena in Senate Ricardo Monreal Ávila opened the bridge in contact with the next Secretary for Finance and Public Debt Carlos Urzuo Macías, who was tackling the legislature after presenting the initiative for the banking commission, which caused the Mexico Stock Exchange to fall, amounted to 103 billion песосов.

On Thursday, November 8, Monreale Ávila and Bertha Alicia Caraveo presented an initiative to reform the law on transparency and regulation of financial services and the law on credit institutions that shook the banking sector and forced Urzuo Macías Intervene, so Andrés Manuel López Obrador message that there will be no reforms in this area in the first half of their government.

Urzúa Macías has asked him to consult with his team and the Center for Financing the Chamber of Deputies in the future before presenting initiatives in this field.

On Friday, the Senate issued a statement in which it reported on a meeting between Monreal and Urzu, and states that they were talking about "proposals for changes in economic and financial matters, they are carefully studied".

They also agreed to carry out assessments of possible macroeconomic effects [de otras iniciativas] in public finances, in the financial system and in the well-being of the population as a whole. "

The Senate published photographs of the meeting and warned that both writers "discussed the coordination of efforts between executive and legislative power in order to form an agenda that would enable meeting the major financial and economic challenges in the country".

According to the statement, they "agreed that the best strategy to tackle these challenges – serious poverty and inequality problems – and that a comprehensive program is to continue, there needs to be a broad and plural debate".


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