Atlante matches Alebrijes, but progresses to the semifinal Ascent MX


The set of Atlantic bikes was able to predict and is already in the semi-final Ascent MX, thanks to a tie-free goal (1-1 globally), which is today in a duel of returning quarter-finals in front of Alebrijes Oaxaca

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In a duel that was controversial at the Andrés Quintana Roo Stadium, Azulgrana met with an rival who faced him with eleven, and came to seek a move to the next round of the Torneo Aperture 2018 league Ascensa MX.

Both teams fought for progress, but they also took care not to be surprised in their defensive zone, which led to a rather close fight with a greater chance for the local, after expulsion of Flavio Santos by a minute 87.

But Atlante could not efficiently utilize this territorial property for expulsion, but in the end, his better position in the general table gave him to transfer it to the next round of the liggest.

The frustration of the visitors caused the final flute to record an attempt to fight with blows and swipes between the players of both teams, a situation that did not happen.

Judge Jonathan Hernández Juárez warned Irving Zurite, the Argentine Ezequiel Esperon and Colombian Wilber Rentería, all Colts.

While Alebrijes painted Edgar Alaffita yellow, Luciano Nequecaurus pampers, Alfonso Sánchez and Flavio Santos were sent with a red card for a minute 87.


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