Are home remedies used to remove throat inflammation?


SPAIN. With the arrival of cold one of our passengers returns, but ordinary followers of this time in the year: pain in the throat. This disease may have different causes, although most are the result bacterial or viral infectionsLike flu or colds.

Inflammation of the throat caused by inflammation in a particular area of ​​the throat is one of the most common among the population. Although the pharmacist is the prevailing painkiller, csuch as paracetamol or ibuprofencan help us, the first thing that we must do is to properly define the cause, so it should be the first step to turn to a specialist, thus avoiding self-healing.

General treatment of sore throat is usually prescribed anti-inflammatory and local anesthetics. In cases of bacterial infections, such as streptococcus, an antibiotic should be used, Levante portal published.

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Popular culture, however, usually prescribes a series of remedies when we have this disorder, although in all cases science does not support allegedly beneficial effects.

In Ljubljana an example of honeyFor example, it can act as a local painkiller in the area, such as water with lemon. But by themselves they can not shorten the conditions of these diseases. Without apparent anti-inflammatory effect, the sore throat does not disappear when anxiety is detected, for example when swallowing.

Does home work work?

The water as lemon, or the intake of fluids in general, helps to keep the body hydrated, a factor that makes saliva more fluid, which in days that could lead to inflammation cause the throat to suffer less.

In case of local infection, Lemon will also help to disinfect the area.

The real advantage of oranges or other high-vitamin C foods, which are often recommended as the best ally to prevent or speed up processes, are also not clear. viral or catarrh which can accompany the sore throat.

In addition, if the sore throat appears along with episodes of cough, it will help domestic remedies that can be repaid, for example by receiving infusions, vapors, and again properly moisturizing.


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