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Thiago Alcantara says working with Jurgen Klopp was “amazing”, despite the difficulties on the pitch

Thiago Alcantara says his collaboration with Jurgen Klopp seemed “amazing” to him, despite the difficulties following his move from Bayern Munich for £ 20 million when Liverpool lost 25 points in the Premier League to Manchester City.

  • Thiago Alcantara had a great debut against Chelsea before winning Covid-19
  • Then he was out for more than two months after Richarlison’s bad challenge
  • Thiago said he tried to use his side spell as a learning opportunity
  • The Spanish international also admitted that the current campaign is disruptive

Thiago Alcantara said the opportunity to work under Jurgen Klopp so far has been “amazing” despite Liverpool’s poor form.

The Spanish international arrived at Anfield after winning the Champions League with Bayern Munich.

However, the 29-year-old in England did not have the impact many would have imagined, as injuries, poor form and a diagnosis of Covid-19 hampered his form as the Reds are seventh with 46 points, 25 points ahead of leading Manchester City and far from form. which is why they finished last season as champions of England for the first time in 30 years.

Despite Liverpool's struggles, Thiago Alcantara enjoyed playing under Jurgen Klopp

Despite Liverpool’s struggles, Thiago Alcantara enjoyed playing under Jurgen Klopp

The 29-year-old has been on the sidelines for more than two months after Richarlison’s fear

The 29-year-old has been on the sidelines for more than two months after Richarlison’s horrific clash

Still, the £ 20million man says he enjoys the challenge of playing under Klopp, and told the BBC’s Football Focus: “It’s amazing. You learn a lot and you have to play a different side of the game you’ve played before.

‘It’s great because you have to learn, adapt and develop with it. The teammates we have are of high quality, so you are even happier to play and play even better football. ‘

After an impressive debut against Chelsea last September, the former Barcelona midfielder was at his best four weeks after a positive Covid test before returning in the fiery Merseyside derby and injuring his knee after a terrible Richarlison challenge, which he missed until 30 December.

Despite the failure, Thiago saw the injury as an opportunity to learn.

“It was a bad time because I expected to be on the court even before I was,” he admitted. “But that was the period when I learned more about the club and the city.”

Thiago also admitted that this season has been tough for the club, but said the team has been focused on the rest of the campaign.

Thiago admitted it was

Thiago admitted it was “very frustrating” if he didn’t win matches when the Reds dominated

‘Yes, for sure. There are several games where we played to win and we didn’t win. We didn’t deserve to lose.

‘It was very frustrating if the three points didn’t play any better than the other team.

“But it’s football, and we’re just looking forward to the next game, which will play as well as possible.”

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