The teenager was arrested for attempting to move RKO in the head of the school – World


MIAMI (ANN): The 18-year-old teenager in Miami, Florida, USA, was arrested for attempting to assault headmistress of a school with wrestling.

Teenager, Gianny Sosa, tried to end the RKO wrestling in the general director of the Southridge High School, Humberto Miret, according to Miami Herald. The report says that Miret was not injured when the incident occurred.

The RKO is the signing of a deadline by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Randy Orton, where the opponent's head is built with a backward flying pushing step, and later slammed onto the ground.

The report states that in his first appearance, Sose, his defense attorney, Roy Ugarte, said that a special case of "hands down one of the most insane" was the case.

"Everyone knows that the fight is a fake," said the lawyer, explaining the difference between the Greek-Roman wrestling, the form of amateur wrestling and professional wrestling, which is being conducted in WWE.

Ugarte added that Sosa was joking when he tried to end the transfer of the school principal. "It should not be aggressive," he said about teenagers' actions.

Sosa was charged with the incident battery. Later, he was released from prison without having to give a bond. – Philippine Daily Inquirer / Asia News Network


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