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The reason why Umno hates DAP

YOURS | “They’re apart and Umno can’t accept that.”

He had to cleverly work with the “dwarf” party to keep the DAP from being in government – Ahmad Jazlan

Ordinary people: Head of Kelantan Umno Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub, why are you so strongly against DAP? The DAP is a legally registered political party.

The people who voted for DAP are legal citizens of Malaysia and most of them are taxpayers. What did DAP do wrong to make you so unhappy?

What about Perak DAP support for Umna, who overthrew the mentions of Besar, and for the National Assembly of Umna, new mentees of Besar were appointed? How ungrateful can you be?

Iammi: If DAP is what it takes for Umna leaders to intimidate involvement in the 1MDB, SRC and other scandals, then so be it.

Fear of God does not seem to work for these people. We, the rakyat, will continue to support the DAP. Even Malaysians like me will turn their backs on Umna.

IndigoKite6964: @Iammi, if you’re afraid of an opponent, it’s only because he’s a worthy opponent. If Umno is so afraid of DAP, then in the same breath he recognizes the possibility that DAP is capable of ruling.

Honestly, I see that only the political parties that represent the full range of Malaysians and the relevant parties that will rule Malaysia will survive.

The Chinese have abandoned the MCA because they are aware that being part of a coalition with all races represented by just one race will not be good for the country.

Is the Perikatan Nacional (PN) coalition a representation of Malaysian unity? Not even close. If at all, it represents Malaysia inconsistently.

Let the Mind experience their fears. We exclude all races and religions. Let go Malaysian ruled by Malaysia. One thing is for sure, if that happens, foreign direct investment will come.

PW Cheng: Umno hates DAP not because it is anti-Malay, but because DAP is effective in checking Umno for his fraud and major corruption.

I’m not a fan of DAP, but if DAP doesn’t like something, it’s a show of arrogance on the part of some of its leaders.

As far as good governance and governance are concerned, the worlds are apart and therefore the Mind cannot accept this and as usual can only defend race and religion.

Vladivostok: President Umna, embroiled in money laundering and other financial offenses, is likely bitter because Umna’s top leaders are not appointed to cabinets.

For example, the president and deputy president are not in the cabinet of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, while lower-ranking party leaders are not.

Muhyiddin has his reasons for not including Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in his cabinet – he did not want leaders to soil his “clean” cabinet with ongoing court proceedings.

It’s mind-bogglingly fun. Many of its leaders are leading lawsuits. Umna members do not seem to have any concerns about their leaders being involved in shady activities such as money laundering and bribery.

Milshah: We have already followed this path – DAP blames Umna, and Umno blames DAP. We have been like that for 60 years. There is nothing new here. Pakatan Harapan was the way out of this trap. But that was hit in the submission.

I said all this when Harapan was still in government. We are here now, squared again to infinity. Stay if you can. Don’t stay if you can’t. It will be a very long ride.

Wakandan: In the end, as we all see, it’s mostly about the money. If you are a government, you control the purse.

Depending on how fairly you manage the state’s assets, you decide nonetheless. The decision can only be in your favor. You decide what that advantage would be.

Have we ever wondered why the Malaysian path to millionaires or billionaires leads through politics?

What about race and religion, you may ask. This has been taken care of for a long time. They are now keeping them alive so that the government can rule continuously.

Do we honestly think that race and religion are at stake? This is the funniest assumption, because who else is in a government that has almost full power?

For Umna, DAP is always a spoiler. This is because only DAP can prevent them from dipping their hands into the cookie jar. When DAP is no longer on the go, no one will watch it anymore.

The rest stand in line and are ready to catch all the thrown debris. They don’t mind that the bulk is in Big Brother’s hands as long as they have bones.

Scales: Ahmad Jazlan, the measure of reality, a friend, whether you forgot the origin of Umna and the PN coalition.

You had a common enemy – the enemy is non-Muslim and DAP.

Now you are confused – which way to go? You take PAS. Can they do what you can’t? In fact, they are redundant – you can do what you can.

Then you are undecided – to work with Bersatu or not? The culture of the good life and no work is not contested – there are too many, so what to do?

The only safe journey is to have more honorable men and women who will rule. Find them if you can. Otherwise you have to live with dirt.

JayWai: Having DAP in government, even if it was only for a short 22 months, gave me an insight into good governance and raised hopes that Malaysia will finally rise again.

For more than 60 years, we have been run by people who have filled their pockets and milked even Tabung Haji and Feldo for their own benefit. And yet they dare to get out and embarrass DAP.

Not to forget what I did

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