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The hospital two points come to the console this Christmas


A two-point hospital – no longer just for personal computers

Here's a popular gift Thematic Hospital will be checking this year on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

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Now she announced a new console game, and this has nothing to do with Sonic The Hedgehog! Instead, this is the console version of their comedy simulation center, Two Point Hospital.

The PC version was released last autumn, while console versions will contain all of the same features and everything that has been added in the updates since then – such as internal designer and customization.

You will also get extensions of Bigfoot and the island of Pebberley, which will be added with snow and tropical backgrounds and all related (fictitious) illnesses.

There is no specific release date for the game, but this year will be released later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

The developer is a British team of Two Point Studios, who employs many of those who worked at the original thematic hospital, now out of the bullfrog developer.

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In May, she bought Two Point Studios, when it was announced that other new games would be placed in the diva district of the Two Point.

The only other Bullfrog games that were made in the same series were connected with the thematic park, but this is a fairly well-stocked market today, but if it is not, it is difficult to guess what the next activity of the Two Point Hospital would be.

A two-point hospital – one of the first screenshots

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