Monday , March 8 2021

The Deadpool star takes over miniature craft skills from a Malaysian artist

Not every day you teach Hollywood stars from the comfort of your own home.

But Malaysian miniature artist Lim Pui Wan is one lucky girl who has to share her craft skills with Deadpool in the Snap Original series Ryan doesn’t know!!

In the episode titled Ryan Reynolds got a tremendous amount of skill and fine art, actor Ryan Reynolds gets a practical lesson from Picoworm (Lim’s moniker) and learns how to make a small hair dryer.

Scan the Snapchat code and adjust to the episode to find out what Reynolds ’final result looked like, which he described as an“ elephant carcass ”.

Picoworm joins the list of emerging artists and creators from around the world in this series of 12 episodes of collaboration between Westbrook Media and Snap, available exclusively on Snapchat.

The last episode is scheduled for Sunday (February 21), but Snapchatters can still watch previously aired episodes in the app.

V Ryan doesn’t know, the actor cuts to ice sculpting with Shintar Okamoto, tests himself in visual pranks with VFX expert Trevor Bell, makes latte art with artist Melannie Aquino, learns floral sculpture from creative designer Aurea Molaei and much more.

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