The Chrome Edge-based screenshots of Microsoft Edge have expired [Gallery]


At the end of last year, Microsoft confirmed rumors that they have restored their Edge browser using open source technology from Chrome, such as Blink, instead of EdgeHTML. This weekend appeared new screenshots based on Chromium (sometimes lovingly called Edgium), which gives us a clear picture of Microsoft's ambitions for the browser.

Screenshots are present The Verge in Thurrott which both independently managed to obtain the internal construction of Microsoft's Edge based on Chrome. Despite the fact that there is no construction ready for the public, they are reportedly very stable.

In its current form, it looks more like Chrome than Edge, but Microsoft has included a number of visual adjustments that align the browser with the design language of Windows 10 instead of Google Design material. This is especially present on the settings page, which now almost does not look like Chrome.

The new curriculum sync settings further distinguish both, because synchronization is now based on your Microsoft account, rather than on your Google Account. This should not be a surprise as the Edge for Android (also based on Chromium) synchronizes with your Microsoft account.

Another additional feature that many will be happy to see is that the new Edge in parts is an experimental dark mode that is currently hidden behind the setup flag.

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Picture: Brad Sams / Thurrott

Both outlets confirmed that existing Chrome extensions are operating as expected in the new Edge, as promised. Microsoft reportedly even tried a new browser with some extensions and collected the best work pages on the official extension page.

If you want to extend the extension outside of this collection with one change of settings, you can install directly from the Chrome Web Store. Thus, Edge, based on chrome, will be a solid base for adoption.

The "New Tab" page also got a complete upgrade, which is brand new for Chrome and Edge. The Chromium-based robot offers features such as "Inspirational" that appear to offer the background of the mountainside pages and more traditional ones, such as "Informative" and "Focused".

While some of the Microsoft Edge features that we know today are not yet available, it seems that the whole first impression is that its successor, based on Chromium, is more than a valuable replacement for the default Windows 10 browser, if not Chrome itself. It would be interesting to see if the finished product is pulling all users away from Chrome, or if it's simply a better browser experience for those who do not deviate from the default.

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