Steve McQueen "honored" to work with Liam Neeson and Colin Farrell about widows


Steve McQueen (Matt Crossick / PA)
Steve McQueen (Matt Crossick / PA)

Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen said he was "an honor" for working with two leading directors Liam Neeson and Colin Farrell in the upcoming thriller, widows.

The film tells the story of a group of women performing a heist after their criminal men were killed in police shooting.

Neeson plays one of the men (his wife, Veronica Rawlins, played by Viola Davis), while Farrell plays the Irish-American politician Jack Mulligan.

"Liam and Colin, they are amazing actors, they do wonderful work in Hollywood for a very long time," said McQueen, who also led 12 years of fame.

Colin Farrell and Viola Davis are a star in the widows

Colin Farrell and Viola Davis are a star in the widows

"I was honored to be able to work with them, especially in Chicago, where there is such an Irish institution."

McQueen was particularly impressed with Farrell, who improvised many scenes with his fathers on screen, Robert Duvall.

"Robert Duvall and Colin were so incredible that they were working. As two musicians, they just got stuck," said RTE Entertainment.

"Many of these things to work with in the picture have been improvised."

The widows, who are expected to be released later this month, received almost a general positive praise from critics and currently have a 96pc rating at the Rotten Tomatoes screening site.

The movie, written by McQueen with Gone Girl Girl, is also star Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Kaluuy and Elizabeth Debicky.

In the meantime, a new connection for another Neeson upcoming film has just been released.

The Reading Homeland will be together with Brendan Gleeson, Tom Waits and James Franck in the new six-part anthology film The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs.

Each "chapter" of the film tells another story about the American West.

The prize for the best script has already been received at the Venice Film Festival.

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