Sunday , August 1 2021

Perak Govt to verify the validity of the forest development permit

In a letter stating that the Perak government approved a permit for a 400-hectare forest plantation project, there were viral changes. (Twitter pic)

LUMUT: The state government will check the license issued for the development project of two forest reserves in Perak, which on Friday carried out social media announcements.

Mentors Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu said he was not aware of the actual situation regarding the status of the permit of 14 December 2018 for a project located in the forest reserve Kledang Saiong and the Bukit Kinta forest reserve in Kinta Manjung district.

"I do not know the details, so I can not comment on the subject yet. I will have to check the actual situation with the Land, Mining and Forestry Office, "said the Chinese New Year Event at the Marina Island Pangkor Resort yesterday.

The letter, which was about viral, claimed that the state government at the meeting of the Perak Forestry Committee, which last November, approved a permit for a project for the development of forest plantations.

Faizal also said he left the competent authorities to investigate the activities of illegal land surveying near Bukit Kledanga following the PSM police report.

"We are now focusing on restoring the affected areas after illegal forest deforestation," he said.

PSM has filed a report on illegal land-based research activities near Bukit Kledang, owned by Perak Menteri Besar Corporation (MB Inc.) at the Ipoh District Police Headquarters.

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