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Nazri hurt MCA, refused to cooperate with PAS


Former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak returned to Nazra Abdul Aziz after deputy Padang Rengas reviews his appointment as BN advisor.

Najib cited a number of cases where Nazri allegedly did not act in the interest of BN Sinar Harian.

"We all remember that Nazri opposed to cooperating with the PAS before, and instead urged Umna to withdraw MCA and MIC and instead collaborate with DAP.

"During the elections, the MCA also informed me that among the reasons why their Chinese voices had diminished, the reason for his (Nazri) criticism of the tycoon Robert Kucho, who offended the Chinese community," he said at a meeting with his fans in Batu Kawanu, Penang today.

Najib said that Nazri could also occupy the post of adviser to the BN, but he doubts his commitment to resist Pakatan Harapan.

"Call or anyone can play the role of BN adviser, or is he willing to consistently criticize Harapan?" as he said.

Najib also stated that Umno's partners in BN did not find Nazri (photo) that he was an attractive candidate, stressing that MCA and MIC strongly opposed his previous appointment as secretary general of BN.

"We are all aware that the MCA and MIC have called on them to give up the position of the Secretary General of the BN," he added.

Today, Nazri, together with Rembau's deputy Khairy Jamaluddin, criticized the decision to appoint Najib as consultant BN.

Nazri also revealed that Najib was lobbying for the post of president of the BN, but he was instead appointed as a consultant, which suggests that he is trying to return as prime minister, even though he was accused of money laundering, a criminal violation of trust and abuse of power.

However, Najib denied that he tried to use the position as a springboard to return in the future as prime minister.

Instead, Najib said he wants to help strengthen BN and its components.

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