Jewel Changi Airport opens the door to the first visitors


SINGAPORE: Jewel Changi Airport welcomed its first visitors on Thursday (April 11th) as it opened its doors to the public to preview its wide range of offers.

The 500,000 people registered for the preview will be interviewing the project of $ 1.7 billion at Changi Airport between April 11 and 16, between 11 and 16 April.

Jewel Changi Airport has more than 280 shops and food and beverage stores, with 95 percent of the leased space already occupied, Changi (CAG) said.

The A & W fast food chain, the Shaw Theater theater and the Pokemon brand are among the brands that are hosted by 10-storey mega retail and Changi's lifestyle development.

Early check-in tables and kiosks, luggage storage and a 150-seat Changi Lounge are also available. There is also a hotel with 130 cabins.

"Our vision is that the Jewel destination is like no other," said Jewel Changi Tan Mui Neo, head of the aviation rental department.

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Changi Jewel 13 Airport

Jewel Changi Airport boasts a mix of world class tenants with more than 280 shops and sales outlets with food and beverage. (Photo by Gaya Chandramohan)

Jewel jewelers can look forward to many of Singapore's long-awaited brands that will open their first stores next to well-known local favorites like In Good Company, Supermama and Tiger Street Lab.

About 50 percent of their rental mix is ​​made up of trademarks originating in Singapore, with a dedicated retail cluster of local brands at Level 1, which should be in one place for travelers who want to bring home a part of Singapore.

The construction of Jewel began with a new creation in December 2014, when the construction work was completed by 2017.


The complex of 135,700 square meters, built on the site of the former outdoor parking terminal Terminal 1, was designed by the world famous architect Moshe Safdie and has a characteristic dome-shaped façade.

The main attraction is 40 m HSBC Rain Vortex – the world's highest waterfall.

Changi Jewel Airport 14

Rain Vortex, a 40 meter high inner waterfall with a light and sound performance. (Photo by Gaya Chandramohan)

Ashith Alva, project manager at Jewel Changi Airport, told CNA that water is falling through the roof at a speed of 10,000 gallons per minute. When playing light and sound in the evening, this reduces to 1,500 to 2,000 gallons per minute.

Mr Alva added that the water circulates along pipes hidden in the building, where in the cellar of 3 Jewely there is a water tank with a capacity of 500,000 liters and a control room.

He also said that WET Water Design Company needed two years of conceptualization with up to seven models before the start of construction.

There are 52 speakers in Shiseido Forest Valley around the rainforest, Alva added.

Changi Jewel 7 Airport

The Jewel Changi airport complex was designed by a consortium of consultants, comprised of architects Safdie, Benoy and local RSP architects. (Photo by Gaya Chandramohan)

Jeremy Yeo, head of the user experience for the development of the Jewel Changi airport, said 120 species of plants are in the forest valley, of which 5% are local. They include ferns and orchids.

He pointed out that the temperature in the forest valley is 23 degrees Celsius and that the specially cured plants include two olive trees from Spain that are over 100 years old.

In a press release, CEO Jewel Changi for the airport development, Hung Jean, said: "Jewel Changi's vision is to be the destination where the world meets with Singapore, and Singapore meets the world.

"The unique offer of world-class shopping and dining rooms, which blends in perfectly with lush greenery, meets the needs of more and more demanding travelers for a meaningful and experiential journey, even for a shorter surprise."

In a report to the press, Mrs Hung added that the airport expects 40 to 50 million guests annually, and that Jewel is intended not only for locals, but also for transit passengers who have more than five hours in Singapore.


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