Friday , October 18 2019
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Huawei is planning massive layoffs in its US operations: WSJ


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd plans extensive redundancies in the United States, as the Chinese telecommunications equipment company is tackling its blacklist in the US, Wall Street Journal reported people who are familiar with this issue.

It is expected that layoffs will affect jobs in Huawei, the US research and development subsidiary of Futurewei Technologies, which employs approximately 850 people in research laboratories across the United States.

The dismissal could have been hundreds, said one Journalist. Chinese Huawei employees in the United States had the opportunity to return home and stay in the company, another person added.

Some employees were informed of the redundancy, while a more planned reduction in the number of posts could soon be announced, the newspaper said.

Huawei did not want to comment when he contacted him Reuters.

After the Department of Commerce decided that Huawei would set up the so-called Entity List, employees in Futurewei faced limitations in communicating with colleagues at Huawei's home offices in China, people said.

Last week, trade minister Wilbur Ross said the US government would issue licenses to companies wishing to sell Huawei goods where national security is not compromised.


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