Do not cut off the ability of Anwar that PM, Rafizi tells the PKR leaders


Outgoing Vice-President PKR Rafizi Ramli says the party's differences in opinion are welcome, with the exception of the question of how Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister. (Bernama pic)

SHAH ALAM: Outgoing Vice President PKR Rafizi Ramli today called on the party to join in ensuring that Anwar Ibrahim becomes the eighth prime minister.

He said that some PKR leaders who mocked Anwaro's ability to become prime minister, Rafizi said that such activities should stop.

"Differences in opinion can be, but not to who should be the eighth.

"Some say that the time of his (Anwar) is a time and that the party must put a new step in the pace. All this has to stop now," Rafizi said in his speech at the National Congress of the PKR.

Whatsapp messages that force out efforts to make the next president of the PKR become the next prime minister were preparing circles.

This is not the first time, Anwar's great promotion of the prime minister's place was at the center of attention.

In August Kapar MP Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid said elements tried to prevent Anwar from becoming the next prime minister, and that Daim Zainuddin's name was among those who stopped the leader of the PKR.

The comments were condemned by PPBM leaders. Since then, Abdullah apologized.

In September, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would honor an agreement between partners Pakatan Harapan (PH) to serve two years as prime minister before handing over to Anwar.

In his speech, Rafizi also said that what separates PKR from other parties is the fact that its power lies in the difference between the opinions of its members.

"Our strength is not our likeness, but our differences. If we bear the same goal, our differences act as different powers. This combined strength was the reason for our victory.

"That is why we have to defend and respect our differences that separate us from the divided Umno, divided PAS, where our party will never be divided, no matter how bad our differences are.

"We learn to control our differences in a polite, educated way that does not deny our initial fight," he said.

Rafizi also reminded the leaders of the PKR in the cabinet so as not to stop the fight for the people.

He pointed out that failure to serve people would likely lead to the loss of Pakistani Harapan in the 15th general election (GE15).

He said that the party and the future president of the PKR Anwar Ibrahim would be guilty of this.

"For my friends in the ministries, please do not go to ministerial meetings and do not talk about people. You have to continue to defend people, if not, then Anwar and the whole party will be blamed," he said today in his speech at the National Congress PKR.

He talked about how Anwar will face a major challenge when he becomes the eighth prime minister and would require members of the party to support their leader by completing the original struggle for reform and defense of people.


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