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5 things Apex Legends has in 2021 better than other battles

Apex Legends is no longer the new guy in the Battle Royale block, but it’s a real vet with plenty of scars. Respawn Entertainment has penetrated a relatively saturated market, which has been quite annoying and even prevalent over time.

Apex Legends is an ever-growing battle experience. In 2021, the game became as accessible as it was when it was introduced – despite compromises on the complexity and depth of the game.

It really testifies to how committed Respawn is in responding to fan feedback and developing a headline. Here we will take a look at 5 things in particular that make Apex Legends so special.

5 things Apex Legends has in 2021 better than other battles

5) Ping system

The ping system would not only be one of the most revolutionary additions to the Battle Royale genre, but one that seems almost confusing because it didn’t exist at all. The brilliant ping system Apex Legends allows players to communicate instructions and warnings without using a microphone.

Pinging booty and its levels are so crucial to the Apex Legends game loop that it’s hard to imagine how Battle Royale games would have worked without it at all. Over time, the ping system has evolved to include more information and give tangible information to the rest of the team.

4) Deep knowledge and signs

Perhaps what sets Apex Legends apart from other playing fields in the Battle Royale genre is Respawn lore’s dedication and storytelling. Each character has a deep and rich past that humanizes him.

Thus, players have an attachment to their characters because of their abilities. For example, Horizon’s history easily ranked her among the most popular figures in Apex Legends, and it also helped make her character brutal on the field.

3) Variety of maps

Currently, there are 2 maps in rotation – King’s Canyon and Olympus – both are excellent in their own way and offer a completely different experience. There’s also World’s Edge, which will soon start spinning sooner rather than later.

However, the map does not remain the same, as evidenced by the numerous bombings and disasters that have reshaped King’s Cayon several times. This means that although the basic structure and size of the map remain the same – a lot changes over time.

For example, the City of Skulls in King’s Canyon – the main hot spot in Apex Legends – was completely destroyed and completely removed from the map. This type of dynamic rotation and map adjustment makes for the perfect enjoyable trip to Apex Legends.

2) Signature Respawn shooting and crossing mechanics

Respawn Entertainment has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best AAA developers in town. With successful successes in Titanfall and a masterful sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and now – Apex Legends.

Not surprisingly, they are truly the golden child of EA at the moment – and they did so based on competent and inspired game design. Titanfall has changed the game in many ways when it comes to first-person shooting when it comes to mixing things up with transition and quick combat.

Apex Legends uses many of its tricks – as well as lore – as set out in the Titanfall universe. Creative decisions, such as completely removing damage from a fall, were a very intuitive move that changed the way players experienced the game.

Apex Legends is fast, fun and thoroughly adrenaline-fueled – which is truly the Respawn experience.

1) Team dynamics

Heroic shooters like Overwatch and Valorant are now slowly becoming increasingly furious. Popular games like Rainbow Six range from a tactical shooter to a perfect heroic shooter.

Apex Legends takes the concept of heroic shooters from the arena to the scene of a battle kingdom, making it a hell of a chaotic experience. Apex Legends allows players to choose from 16 characters (with more on the go), allowing for some of the most exciting gameplay options.

Players may choose to set up their teams differently, as each player may have their own specific task skills and abilities. As a result, some committees work better than others.

This adds a whole new layer of depth and complexity to a genre that is often devoid of such things.

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