Vilnius Mama Jazz Starts: The famous saxophonist Andy Sheppard arrived at the concert


The first guest of the Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival, Andy Sheppard, arrived in Vilnius late on Wednesday evening. Saxophone and composer in the country, half of the world is publicly available for the first time in Lithuania, but recalls that the concert has been planned almost once. It is true, indeed – he did not hear about Lithuanian jazz performers, but he does not exclude the possibility of finding new partners here.

"Nobody in this world will live, so you live and enjoy it," says the first guest of the Vilnius Mama Jazz.

The photo started Vilnius Mama Jazz / Greta Skaraitienė / Žmonė

The photo started Vilnius Mama Jazz / Greta Skaraitienė / Žmonė

"It seems to me that at this festival eight years ago my guitarist Eivind Aarsetta appeared, and then I had concerts in the Azores, the Atlantic Ocean, and I could not continue. But the nearest city in the region where I play a concert in Minsk" shares the first impressions A. Sheppard.

For four decades, professional musician A. Sheppard distinguished himself as an exemplary example for jazz historians. Saxophone and composer – renowned throughout the world, winning numerous awards, composing music for large bands, chamber orchestras and television, featuring the brightest stars of the planet and continuing to wonder about their inexhaustible fantasy.

The photo started Vilnius Mama Jazz / Greta Skaraitienė / Žmonė

The photo started Vilnius Mama Jazz / Greta Skaraitienė / Žmonė

"My last tour was in South Korea, in Seoul, and I'm constantly traveling to Europe, the Scandinavian countries." "Travel is part of the musical work, a tool." "South America, Africa, Japan, I have not been alone in China," says Sheppard. A UK-born musician has lived in Paris for many years now and now lives in Lisbon.

Today, he has more than 350 works in his career, numerous performances and albums with other world stars of famous musical works (only legendary pianist and composer Carla Bley, Andy has recorded a dozen shots).

A.Sheppardas, who plays an elegant, minimalist, multi-layered audience, but with many ideas, will appear in Vilnius with Norwegian musicians, pianist Espen Eriksen, who gathered 11 years ago.

"A few years ago I had to listen to how they played in Bergen in Norway, I did not hear anything about them, but I thought what wonderful music I would like to play with them," says Andy.

Since 2010, the group has already released three albums in 16 countries – Lithuania will increase this list. A melodious, lyrical, "naked" band of music perfectly matches the Andy Sheppard approach – "Less is More".


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