Tragedy in Thailand: died after a slaughtered coma without an Italian fighter


Muay Thai Legend Ch. Met in Bangkok at the WBC Asian Boxing Lightweight Finals category. Daghio and Don Pareuango.

Before the slaughtered Italian he was already in an accident, after which the judge allowed him to continue the fight.

In Italy, there were several lethal knockouts that fell to the ground and lost consciousness, sent more demanding shots from the opposite head.

Brother Fabrizio, the late boxer, said that Christian was preparing to fight in the coming years and the ring was "all life".

"He died as he wanted," he said. "Sorry about that, it was exactly my brother. He wanted to fight until the 1980s." Christian died as a champion, "the Italian media reported.

"My brother had a life partner in Thailand and a five-year-old daughter who still does not understand that her father has already died," added Daghio.

The battle took place on October 26th, and the fighter died in a hospital in Bangkok on November 2nd.

Christian Daghio was a real sports legend. He had more than 200 battles and won 7 titles.

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