The Romanians broke the door to Lithuania and threw the team into the lowest division


Our men left the club for 90 minutes and did not play at the visiting gate and finished the match in the minority – after 88 minutes. Arvydas Novikovas was removed from the market.

The Romans won even eight shots in the target area and scored three goals – 7, 47 and 65 minutes. It was marked by George Puscas, Claudius Keser and Nicolae Stanciu.

Due to the sanctions imposed on the UEFA Roma Disciplinary Board, this meeting was held as a "closed door".

Romania was the most capable in the first round in Vilnius 2-1. It is true that the win was won only in the compensated time (90 + 4 minutes) when they responded to 90 minutes. shot by Artūro Žalpos.

The Lithuanians have not yet fallen to the bottom of the division for the new tournament.

In general, Edgar Jankauskas did not win at the official competition for more than two years, y even 25 months ago – the last time this happened in 2016. In October, Malta won 2: 0 in its team. Since then, 11 of them have been defeated, and the only ones were with the same Malta.

League of Nations: Romania – Lithuania

In the rest of the time, nothing can be remembered – 3: 0.

88 min. A. Novikov left the square for the second yellow card.

It is inevitable that the transfer block for the passage of Deimantas Petravicius left the ball in the door of the hosts, while the Lithuanians were angular.

65 min The ball is closed for the third time in a network of Lithuanian national teams: this time E. Šetkus played well and missed the penalty shot from a very sharp angle – 3: 0. Nicolae Stanciu marked it.

55 minutes E. Shetkus had to work again with the head of the Romanian test.

52 min – an inexplicable, but slightly inaccurate shot turned by Mr Sirgėda.

Already at the beginning of the second half, the Romans even dispersed the plotting with 47 minutes. Claudiu Keseru corrected the goal of the team – 2: 0.

After the first quarter, the result is Romania 1: 0.

45 minutes into the game, E. Vaitkūnas did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch.

43 min – Another corner of the guest, but the elimination of benefits has not been successful.

38 min Lithuanian footballers earned the first corner, and after a few minutes A. Novikov was dropped a little over the door.

30 min E. Shetkus was saved from our troubles as he left another counter-attack on the door area.

The hosts constantly monitored the market situation and actively sought ways to increase their benefits.

14 minutes into the game, some fine mangosting resulted in a through ball. Rumunai nearly took the lead, Alexandru Maximo was just behind his head.

Unfortunately, our players have prolonged the bad tradition and missed the speed of the game: for 7 minutes. The attacker from Palermo George Puscas scored a goal by E. Šetkiai only a few meters, which is 1-0.

Although the game was held "behind the closed doors", dozens of Lithuanian supporters who came to the Lithuanian delegation recalled the famous scandals.

In the first few seconds, the Lithuanians threatened the opponents' door when G.Sirgėdas did not reach the correct ball after the passing of F. Černych.

The composition of the Lithuanian team:

The last test will be held on Tuesday, November 20th, in Belgrade with the head of the Serbian team.

Lithuanians are still 0: 1 to Serbia, 0: 2 and 1: 4 against Montenegro and Romania 1: 2.

The newly formed UEFA league is also struggling for obstacles for the European Championship 2020. Only the winners of the group will be in the semi-finals of the C Division, who will continue to fight for a uniform, split road blockade to the 2020 championship.

For the first time in the history of the League of Nations, all 55 UEFA national teams were ranked in the 4th Division.

The total tournament prize pool amounts to 76.25 million. Euro The C Division, including Lithuania, automatically received € 750,000 for co-operation. euro bonus. The amount will be doubled by the winner of the group.

C Division 4 (City, Team, Team, Match, Win, Draw, Los, Goal, Points):

1 Serbia 5 3 2 0 7: 3 11
2 Romania 5 2 3 0 7: 3 9
3 Montenegro 5 2 1 2 7: 5 7
4 Lithuania 5 0 0 5 2:12 0

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