The life of N. Narmontaite is to create joy


Scans life

N.Narmontaite's book concerts take place on the stage of the Vilnius Small Theater. Since she embarked on a creative journey in the dramatic theater of Siauliai and continued in the Kaunas drama, the actress can now be called a witch, while Vilnius Manor is a very expensive theater.

Here is the nineteenth season of the "Learning lesson". The sign Maria Callas is the acting master. The transformation of her hero, N.Narmontaitė, succeeded in transposing the entire encyclopaedia of the phase of human life.

Another minor drama N.Narmontaitė was born in the town of Vilnius. In the play "Wait, who lives here?" Her hero Claire, also in bed, takes care of the audience from the first minute to the last act of the show. The play by the British playwright Brian Clark poses the problem of euthanasia, but they even fight for the right to die died, the hero N.Narmontaite claims that life teaches you to enjoy at all times and live now.

This is a kind of scream of life, they take new activities every time and they state everything, and the beef skin is not enough. "Every area is complementary to each other and with me. I have nothing to do with the child I am interested in, I do everything with absolute dedication and I enjoy what I do. And with the book I was especially impressed with the communication", – says N.Narmontaitė .

Positive textbooks

N.Narmontaitė in the series, published by the publishing house "Alma littera", speaks not only of the lives of players, but also reveals colorful characters of invisible theater people with humor and irony.

"For me, the book itself is a positive book, although I am strong, but I've discovered so many things from my characters in my books," says an actress who writes to the viewer an invisible theater chronicle.

It takes one year to prepare one book, since most of the work is made up of interviews. Nijole writes video cameras – after all, theatrical stories are such a theatrical.

"It's necessary to talk to people where they relax, then they get tense at the hearing and are burdened. We often communicate with me at dinner, do not hurry." There are notes that lasted 9, 14 hours, and once for all 24 hours. In a single actress, I smiled that we were a few hours dead and continued the conversation. These materials are collected, only a small part is related to books, "says N.Narmontaitė, whose latest book is compared to the previous 40 pages.

When preparing for the first, many police officers of her book are not known – and who will be from here? "What you said is not so serious, an art book – a real story about the theater," recalls the criticisms of colleagues who imagined they would leave a brochure for the whole thing.

Nijolė is pleased that now she is much easier for her colleagues, and the stories are different from the crowd, which the interlocutors do not refuse from themselves. "This is one of the strongest human qualities," says the author of the fourth book.

Prolonged vitamin

When N.Narmontaitė presented his first book, "Players, Directors, Cashiers, Not Observed by the Viewers" in 2014, according to the bookmakers, Pan-Ukrainian player Algirdas Paulavičius admitted: "Life has prolonged."

As a beautiful actress Grazina Balandytė is like Nijole talisman. I gave a vow that the stories about these legendary art masters will be in each book.

"I am laughing at the fact that I found this kind of dildo, a miniature Graylink, called" my girlfriend. "Her words: In the fourth wrapper I wrote:" My girlfriend, when I read my books, I want to live and forget drinking products. "" This is one of my most expensive people, I love him and respect him very much, "- he acknowledged the legend of the Lithuanian theater.

With a good humor break, the story of the theater tells the story of the survival of wine as a surviving wine for a long book of life. In 2017, the book N.Narmontaité ranks among the top ten most readable libraries. The actress who met with readers across Lithuania often found a book in her library to read her book to hold her back. This proves only how positive readers have long feelings.

"It often asks me if it was difficult to write a book and say: when you hear laughter, everything is easy," says the author of a simple recipe for books that provide a dose of good spirit. "There is nothing more pleasant than admitting that I have called someone in the day."

Little great people

The book, which we can read from N.Narmontajt from each, combines the same structure: there are also memories of theater circles and stories about invisible but very important theater people.

"I do not want to call them small because they are great people. Costume designers, clothes makers, make-up artists, stage workers and fire extinguishers – it's impossible to have a list of professions without any performance or actor's acting." – says this gap fill in the panoramic actress.

Artists, cashiers, students and fans, as well as those who create a theater aura, have met in its horizons. Nijolė, with the greatest nostalgia and respect, remembers the famous theater days in Siauliai when the tables were interrupted by their own dining rooms, which were equally prized for both stages and scenes.

"There has never been a division into important and irrelevant, but today in some theaters during the holiday of the table is covered by an imaginary hierarchy," said the actress, who is known for her hospitality and dignity.

Since her studies, she was glad she was a friend with cleaners, stage workers, cashiers. "When I started to deepen my life, I discovered such depths," says N.Narmontaitė, who bowed himself to undemanding theater people. "Including the treasury story, the Danutė Bencevičiūtė cashier, cashier of the dramatic dramatic theater of Kaunas, who watched the theater very much, inspired my notes and later presented me."

Another in the new book is the gift given by the roots. "In the year of Samogitia, it was published in 2019. That's why I chose a book of self-sacrifice, and not just that, but I wrote my own theater stories in the self-titled language I heard when I grew up in Telšiai, which is now delighted with" rokoujous ". I baptized a little, and self-made, "to laugh an actor who does not think of ideas.

Inspires and supports

How do two writers join one roof? Nijolov man Paulius Kovas – participant of the yacht of 1000 years old Odyssey "Ambersail", traveler, lecturer, published the book "Living in a Storm: How to Stay Dry".

I love people who are laughing. We laughed very much with Paul, often from the very morning. And of course, it's just a joke, and little things create a holiday itself.

"Paul is the one who supports me the most and was the first to share the vision of my books, this is my loyal friend. We traveled along the length of Lithuania, who traveled to meetings with towns and settlements, together we travel with foreign Lithuanians, says N.Narmontaitė. his book will be presented in Israel.

"We both lost our heads for travel – not for tourists, but for those who live in ordinary people. Both reefs and Lithuanians meet – they invite such excursions – they do not bring joy to the future and still keep the impressions of the recent visit of Sakartvell." We have crossed many countries, such a wandering is most valuable. We never allow money for hotels, we stay with the local, but the sincerity of these people! "

More and more on the basis of life is such a provision Nijole and Pauli. And a companion needed during a journey through life – laughter.

"I like when people laugh. We smile with Paul, often from the very morning and naturally he will come – we are just joking, creating a holiday with small things," – she shares the actress who laid the stage "Džzgena" Nato gave her life code – create joy.

Daily routine

* N.Narmontaitė is a passionate fisherman and mushroom, these hobbies are often reflected in her dress style.

* She is a loving grandmother of Niola, as her grandfather Kamil calls her.

* From his father Nijolė inherited not only acting and singing talent, but also the talent that he went, knit.

* Designs clothes, design ideas are carried out by Lina, a seamless sewing company for many years.

* Jeans bought it for their first lifelong pay of 120 rubles.

* Never appears without jewelery – this is an important part of her image.

* Paloma Picasso has been honored with perfumes for many years. For a while, before they saw how they were not added, they returned home to rise.

* Nijole is an excellent kitchen and cakes are invincible. Only the book »Players, artists and scenographers – What the viewers did not see« cooked for the presentation of dishes 12!


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