Monday , January 18 2021

Simona Milinytė, who has been living in the USA for several years – about the consequences of the coronavirus: she had to change jobs, Thanksgiving was celebrated without a family

Simona shared the house, decorated for Christmas, with her followers on social media and a rich lunch for Thanksgiving, the press release reads.

Contractor Instagram me wrote: I’m in a Christmas fairy tale. Something amazing! My first, real, traditional Thanksgiving with wonderful people, lots of the most delicious food (so glad I have a vegan turkey ”for people who don’t eat meat like I do. Delicious!), laughter and the Christmas mood created by this wonderful Christmas town. I am in my true Christmas fairy tale! I love the holidays! «

The girl, who has been eating meat since she was a child, was happy that the US is really full of vegan meat substitutes, so she also welcomed all the traditional dishes, a rich Thanksgiving table and the company of close friends.

The girl said that these holidays will be quite difficult for her, as she will not be able to spend them with her loved ones due to the threat of coronavirus.

Although it will be unusual to celebrate a birthday and Christmas without the closest people, parents and siblings, I try not to be sad. I don’t want to think about sad things. I am grateful for what I have and try to enjoy every day. I am surrounded by wonderful friends with whom I can spend holidays such as Thanksgiving or birthday, ”says Simona.

Simon has had a lot of trials and changes this year. The girls had to change jobs and residences, and most of the plans were canceled due to the threat of coronavirus. But as early as December, the artist promises to surprise everyone with a new song.

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