Musk said when Tesla Model 3 cost 35,000 promised. Dollars


Elon Musk, who presented his financial results for the 3rd quarter, said: "If today we could produce 35 thousand euros. The US auto dollar would do that. We still have to do a lot of work and make a big effort to offer a car by 35,000 and bring a positive gross margin. I believe that we will need less than 6 months to achieve this goal. This is our main task. "

Tesla has already announced that the basic version of the model 3 will appear at speeds of less than 4 months, but this seems to be delaying for some time.

The gross margin of the electric vehicle of the model 3 in the third quarter was more than 20%. and this is one of the best results of the company.

However, high profitability seems still not high enough to reach the promised price of an electric vehicle.

Asked why Tesla had previously published information about a new mid-range model, Model 3, instead of basic and 35,000. US Dollar, E. Musk replied and stressed that we are striving to offer the most affordable option, and now 35 thousand. The US dollar does not qualify.

"We believe this can be an intermediate step (in order to offer even cheaper electric vehicles), and in fact it is," said the company's director.

Tesla's CEO, Deepac Ahuas, said that production efficiency in terms of battery production and economies of scale still need to be increased. In this way, this could be achieved – the basic electric vehicle of the model 3, the price of which does not exceed 35 thousand euros. The US dollar and get a profit.

Tesla also plans € 35,000. Restore the battery in an electromobile with a dollar value so that you can save extra money. Language is a minor battery system as a middle model 3.

So we can expect a new basic version of the "Model 3" model at the beginning of next year.

Regarding the introduction of the 3 model in Europe, Tesla confirmed that by the end of this year they planned to pre-order an electric vehicle for Europeans and provide a booking book.

E. Musk added that by the end of January he will prepare a series of electric cars Model 3 for Europeans. Customer presentations will take place in February and March.

"We expect to start production of a large number of electric cars in Europe in January. Of course, these cars will take some time on ships for our customers, but we will deliver them by the end of February or early March," he said.

Model Tesla 3

Model Tesla 3

E. Musk added that electric cars driving in the United Kingdom and Australia appeared in mid-2019.

Tesla leader said that the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) could expect electric vehicles to reach a similar period of time than Europe.

"It is likely that in the first quarter of next year we can supply electric vehicles in the APAC region, but if not, this is the case in the second quarter. Even if this happens, the APAC area will definitely get electric cars before the end of the first quarter," – promised the company's head.

This is the most accurate and shortest time Tesla Company and Elon Musk have been updated based on the basic version of the 3 model and the expansion to new markets.

In addition, Tesla wants to increase its production of the 3 model by then, so that the company can quickly respond to the growing demand.


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