Mr. Zajac: There is still a big gastronomic discovery


The 26-year-old Gabriel Zajac, who was surprisingly gutted in gastronomy, has already learned what his other colleagues have been searching for for many years. Only three years of professional work, Gabrielius leads the kitchen of the popular Palanga restaurant, and took second place at the recent competition of the best chef from Lithuania.

Be cool

"Although this is a culinary event, during which it was necessary to do the same thing on a daily basis, there were completely different conditions, the environment. It was a challenge for me, I was sure I was going to cope," the interlocutor said.

Gabriel partly agrees that a good chef probably made something interesting from any product.

"But in this case, the essence of the matter was not just how to learn, but how you managed to deal with yourself when struggling with extreme stress when you have a lot of time and at the same time you have to do a lot of work. Also because you are not in your kitchen. , both co-workers have survived some critical cases, so it is very important to deal with them at that time – you will confuse or maintain a cool mind and get out, "the chef said.

Photo Archive Gabriela Zajacka

Born in Širvintos, born in Šiauliai, he started his career in Vilnius, one of the most reputed restaurants "Stebuklai" in the country, and also studied at another famous restaurant "Sweet Root".

Although he experimented in the kitchen, Gabriel was fond of being a minor, after a school he dreamed of forgetting a professional chef for some time.

Nice friend

"I thought I was going to a culinary academy abroad, but given some problems in my family, it was a dream to bury it," he recalled, finally, Gabrielius was elected as Public Administration at Mykolas Romeris University.

A little later he returned to his dreams and collaborated with social projects in Vilnius's "My Guru" cafe.

"At the end of this activity, the director, who learned that I liked radial, suggested that I come to the kitchen, why not? Everything started, I just got to the right place at the right time, "said the interlocutor.

Two years ago, Mr. Zajacas, chef at Palanga 4 Restaurant, admitted that it would be difficult to talk about his own distinction.

"My experience compared to other chapels is really small, I just look, I'm learning and trying." It is possible that the restaurant's own restaurant style may also be different. , but also for production ', – admitted Gabrielius.

I'm waiting for New York

Cooking chef in everyday life saw me too fast that it was not a sip of food.

"Often, of course, I do something at home, but to a large extent, all the work is going on in the workplace, so I want to avoid home. It probably does not differ from most cooks who eat" spam ", such as fast food, a paradox, but is "- said the interlocutor.

Gabriel admitted that his beautiful gastronomic experience is associated with the testing of international restaurants' restaurants in restaurants.

"I'm still waiting for such a discovery. Perhaps I would especially like to visit the New York Eleven Madison Park, both the kitchen chef and the restaurant itself, and their idea is perfect for me," said the interlocutor.

It is true that the cook chef, who turned to Vilnius in Palanga, assured him that he would not regret it.

Here is a solid and serious Lithuanian gastronomic place where it is worthwhile to go to the kitchen.

"This year, even three out of six of the best Lithuanian chefs, including the category of young chefs, went to Palanga, which shows that there is a solid and serious Lithuanian gastronomic place where it is worth it to be almost a kitchen, and this is very pleasant. life is a great place here. I love photography, so Palanga, the nature of the coast, is so generous. In the summer I often sit on a bike, "said the interlocutor, who admitted he first came to Palanga when he returned from somewhere back he returned to his home.

Ambitions promote ambitions

According to Gabrielius, along with a college restaurant, the largest resort in the country grows and nourishes as his child.

"We see a lot of opportunities here, but we need a lot of work, patience and faith, because we always have to deal with difficult times," the cook chef did not deny, as many service representatives are waiting with the anxiety of the beginning of the Palanga season.

At that moment, the interlocutor is thinking about the question and what dream he will trust in the future.

Many cooking cooks say they once dreamed to get a Michelin star, but my distant future is 20 or 30 years old and that's not a big deal. a dream to come to the top 100 restaurants in the best restaurants in the world ", – chef G. Zajacas, who earned a circle of visitors, already calmed down.


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