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Movements between municipalities are no longer prohibited, they will consider a new mitigation of quarantine

Quarantine, checkpoint. Photo Vladimir Ivanovo (VŽ)

The government’s decision to restrict movement between the country’s municipalities will expire on Tuesday and Wednesday night. According to Health Minister Arunas Dulkis, a plan to expand mobility restrictions is not planned. He also announced that the government will consider a new quarantine concession this week and next regarding the opening of supermarkets and the approval of outdoor events.

According to the previously adopted resolution, the ban on movement between all municipalities was valid only during the Easter holidays, until the night from this Tuesday to Wednesday – April 6. 24 hours

The government intended to convene on Tuesday to discuss the issue of mobility restrictions. But the announced meeting was canceled.

Therefore, part of the resolution on the ban on movement between municipalities expires on Wednesday. This means that from now on it will be possible to move within Lithuania without restrictions.

“Movement between municipalities will be open from midnight on Wednesday. The government’s decision for Easter weekend was limited in time. A decision was made not to continue these restrictions and to ensure control of the epidemiological situation in other ways,” he told a news conference in Tuesday said A. Dulkys.

Earlier, government officials did not rule out the possibility of negotiating a different regime of restrictions on movement between municipalities. One option is to ban movement between municipalities with the highest incidence of coronavirus on weekends.

Mr Dulkys said there were no plans to return to mobility restrictions, at least for now: “We believe that such a measure has already exhausted its potential. It helped Lithuania to come down from the record hill we were on a few months ago. Therefore, at least for the time being, this measure is completely abolished, regardless of the situation in the municipalities. “

According to him, there are other measures that will try to ensure control over the situation, testing, vaccination and compliance with safety recommendations.

The Minister noted that the epidemiological situation is not yet improving, the incidence is gradually increasing across the country, so it is possible that the entire territory of Lithuania after 8 or 10 days will enter the so-called “black zone” highest incidence.

In Lithuania, movement restrictions were introduced in mid-December, from 16 March. in most parts of the country they were abolished, only in the municipalities with the worst epidemiological situation.

As of March 27, the ban on movement between municipalities in the country has been lifted, with the exception of circular municipalities. The government has said it wants to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus before Easter.

The Cabinet of Ministers is planning a decision on other possible releases of the quarantine regime at a meeting on Wednesday. It is not yet clear what they will be and when they will come into force, but A. Dulkys announced that the government intends to discuss this week and next week issues related to the opening of supermarket stores, as well as sports, cultural or entertainment events. , which take place outdoors.

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