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Lithuanian survivors of the earthquake in Athens: "I cried in fear, my voice was jammed"


Olga's call center lives in Athens for three months. When the Greek capital was hit on the afternoon of 19 July, she sat in the office.

Stability disappeared, it seemed that the whole country was moving.

"At first I did not understand what was going on. A lot of space and something under the ground is like moaning. Like a wheelbarrow. Bitch suddenly stepped in. Then the logical thinking was replaced. What's under the earth's wheelbarrow? Too much noise. Fear and awareness that I can not do anything. Nothing. The earthquake felt very strong. Loss of balance, centrifuges completely. Stability disappeared, it seemed that the whole country was moving. Like a chair in a place that sits in place but shakes you greatly.

Although we were trained 1.5 months ago that in the event of an earthquake, it was necessary to step under the table and wait for it to calm down, then calmly go out, everyone is still sitting at the tables. In such cases, you can not remember anything. I'm looking at my Lithuanian colleague and her eyes are big. This was not the first earthquake. I asked what to do. Time has stopped completely. The first earthquake in my life … I'm really scared, "she shared the memories of Olga.

According to her, during the earthquake things did not move, chairs did not slip and no one fell – except air conditioners. About 500 people left the building without much panic.

"We are on the ground floor, so we quickly left. People responded differently to the earthquake. Some went to buy a pizza and took a break, laughed, and the leader continued to take care of the numbers and what we must do. How the show looked like. And I went to the field and cried. Someone asked: "What do you feel?" I wanted to answer, but I could not – my voice got stuck. Who can I equate this feeling with? Perhaps, when I was not swimming, I went deep into the water – I was running out of air. It's hard to compare, "she admitted.

According to Lithuania, foreigners and locals who lived in Athens for a long time responded very calmly to this phenomenon and reiterated that Greece, as usual, was offered for relaxation. There are also rumors that there will be one or more shocks.

"Finally we all returned to the premises. Ten minutes later we felt another earthquake. But he was not so strong. We went out again. I do not know how long these earthquakes last. When we returned, he hit another third. After finishing work, I did not want to drive home. I went to the center of the city, sat in a coffee shop outdoors because I did not want to be indoors and ordered some wine. I have not used alcohol for a long time, "she said.

She later discussed with her colleague what would happen if the earthquake of a strong earthquake shook as part of the building consisted of the artistic construction of metal rods.

"The next day, we received a letter from the president of the company, which convinced him that all the buildings of the company were built to withstand the earthquake. I also sent an Internet connection to read more about it. But the internet is limited to us in the workplace, so this connection was not active, "Olga told the employer.

Asked whether there is a desire for a phone and calling a loved one when things start, Lithuanian responded negatively: "We leave our phones in special locked cabins – we can not transfer them to work desks, so there was no thought about it."

Greece is on great geological fractures, so earthquakes occur regularly, but people are rarely affected.

Here in July 2017 a earthquake of 6.7 meters hit two people on the Aegean island of Kos and caused great damage.

This time, at least two people – a pregnant tourist and a boy hit by a chimney – were seriously injured, according to the national Greek television ERT. In addition, two abandoned buildings collapsed and some underground houses suffered some damage.

Around 14h Epicenter of the local (and Lithuanian) earthquake that was on July 19th was northwest of Athens, near the earthquake in September 1999, when 5.9 killed 143 lives. The hypocenter of the earthquake was 13 km deep.

As people started calling their relatives and friends to make sure they were not damaged, telephone networks were overwhelmed. SKAI TV reported that 20,000 people were caught. calls per second – more than New Year.

Authorized firefighters rescued dozens of people caught in the capitals, ERT reports.

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