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Huawei introduced the news with a pop-up camera


July 25 The brand new Huawei P smart Z is officially introduced in Europe. This exclusive design with pop-up selfie and dual rear lenses and Full HD resolution should be especially searched at an affordable price.

The camera resembles the magic

Today, there are many round-plate devices without frames with so-called slot slots. According to developers, this damages the integrity of both the screen and the entire model. For this reason, the designers who created the P smart Z design a screen that has no holes, edges, pieces, or the like.

"We moved the front camera, the speaker and the light sensor, which allowed us to achieve a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. The integrated 6.99-inch screen has 91 percent. the entire body of the phone. The result should be particularly appealing to movie and game lovers, "says Mindaugas Plukys, head of Huawei's Baltic Communications.

In order to get the most number of phones, engineers had to redesign the front camera architecture. Therefore, in the latest model, an innovative 16MP module of the pop-up camera is available. During normal use, the camera is hidden in the phone body, and when turned on, the front camera mode switches and the image appears on the screen.

"This futuristic solution has provided an elegant solution to the problem of the front camera. Only when we hide it in case we can enlarge the screen, "explains M. Plukys. This detail that the pop-up lens is controlled by a special engine and lifting device.

"It takes only a second to release the camera from the casing. So we can safely say that this is a functional solution, not just a fashion statement or technological curiosity, "she continues.

Prior to the introduction of this solution into smart devices, the company tried to rigorously and accurately test reliability to ensure that the camera faces the front even after years of use. Tests have shown that the pop-up camera can withstand 100,000. spreads without any signs of wear. Moreover, this mechanism does not affect the direct use of the force of 15 kg per housing.

"An additional feature is that the phone has a drop-down camera with pop-up protection that automatically recognizes when the phones are moving freely in the air. In this case, the guard tries to switch the lens as soon as possible to reduce injury damage, "says Plukys.

Artificial Intelligence is being discussed

Regarding device cameras, the front eye is controlled by artificial intelligence, which can identify eight common photographic scenarios, including blue sky, greenery, snowy landscapes, and more.

Pictures of a 1.0 μm camera camera sensor and a F / 2.2 aperture adjust the brightness and background in portrait images for maximum natural results. The front camera is also equipped with advanced background lighting technology, dyeing algorithm and 3D lighting effects of the portrait.

On the back of the unit is a dual lens 16 + 2 MP camera. 16 MP lens with F / 1.8 aperture, which consumes 50 percent. more light than the F / 2.2 aperture, which is usually visible on other phones of a similar class, faster focuses image and effectively controls the noise level of the image. The lens with a 2 MP camera helps the main camera and gives you the greatest effective depth of field that makes your photos look like they were shot with a professional camera.

»Built-in dual lens camera will ensure the highest quality of your photos in all conditions. You will also find a night mode, capture 480fps shots and other features you can find here in the leading"- says M. Plukys.

Created with students

The Huawei P smart Z has been developed with students and young professionals in their field. The engineers used the high-performance chip Kirin 710F and adapted it to the EMUI 9. * This tandem ensured functionality and smooth operation, both in terms of photography and energy saving or graphic processing in games.

"The phone combines a unique combination of advanced technology and outstanding aesthetics with great value for the customer. Most importantly, all this is available at affordable prices without the need for a high level leadingM. Plukys, head of Huawei's Baltic Communications, says.

This Kirin 710F chipset is based on a 12nm process and has eight core architectures. Compared to the previous generation, the performance of a single thread processor is 75 percent. bigger, multifunctional – 68 percent. What's more, the graphics processor is twice as powerful.

The total chip capacity is 30 percent. higher than the predecessor, while energy consumption is one third lower. It is embedded with the EMUI 9 operating system, which includes advanced F2FS 2.0 and EROFS technology, which effectively cleans data storage for smooth operation.

The Huawei P Smart Z will start on July 25th. Recommended producer price: EUR 279. The new model will be available to customers Sapphire Blue, Emerald green and in black.

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