Following the resignation of S. T. Šeskevič after the tournament in Vilnius with the organization of KOK


Saturday's tournament at Siemens Arena on Saturday evening was the traditional Hero & KOK World Series 2018 martial arts tournament, which this time saw the audience two warmings and 11 major evening battles.

Quite a scandal ended Vitoldas Jagelos and Turkish Bayramo Yalcino fight The handlers have survived the first round in the squad until they have been judged. Somewhat dissatisfied, the Turks actively discussed both the judge and the president of the Lithuanian federation Bushid Donat Simanaitis and did not want to continue to fight. Although the fight was soon declared "without a winner", but after a few moments, the decision was changed, and the winner was elected for Lithuanian V.Jagėlo.

After this tournament, his long-term judge announced an unexpected announcement of his departure from the KKE Saulius Šeškovičiuswho posted on Facebook the top priorities on the social network.

"The second KOK tournament is over, there are lots of passions and emotions, some have won and others have been lost, it is a battle sport, I am not the first to fall into this tournament, and many viewers think that judges are biased and try to pull their own. I can tell the experts myself: First of all, I have the health of the fighters – whether it's a Lithuanian or a foreigner. Secondly, although this is a commercial tournament, I try to always follow the rules of the tournaments, and thirdly, I respect and respect the principles of honorary struggle Thanks to everyone who appreciates my work as a judge and I want to tell you that I stopped my court activities in KOK tournaments. I never say, maybe I'll be back if … "wrote S.Šeškovičius.

"" contacted S. Šeskevičius, who explained the position of the Turkish fighter and reaffirmed that the health of fighters is the highest priority for him.

The Turks did not contribute to their decision to withdraw from the KOK tournaments. The man lost, and he saw a lot of blows to advise the Lithuanian fighter to do something. This is a kind of absurdity and an attempt to avoid the continuation of the fight. I explained to the Lithuanian fighter that, in accordance with the rules of the Bushida, if it does not take a major initiative, I will put the fighters in position, although in accordance with the international rules of the MMA, if there are any activities and works in the parter, it can not be built. However, the fight took place in accordance with the rules of MG Bushida, "said S. Šeševičius.

Although S. Šeskevicius said that he decided to withdraw, because they were "better than him", he also mentioned his priorities.

"My philosophy is that health is more expensive than any trade," said S. Šeskevičius.

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