Famous women have tried unusual rituals


In the winter, the Persians meet in a special way – the celebration of the YALDA festival, which celebrates the winter's future, the renewal of the sun and the victory of light against the darkness. The rituals performed during the ancient Persian festival inspired a new, limited collection of Winter's Ritual Yalda, which was collected by respectable women.

During the traditional ceremony, people met their loved ones, thought about their wishes and ate summer fruits, such as garnet, watermelons and read classical poetry, thus celebrating the arrival of winter. Iranians believe that those who start to eat fruit in winter will not burn in the cold during the winter, so eating watermelons is one of the most important traditions of that night.

In all of the limited edition Ritual Yalda, you can find the main warm and soothing notes of tapestries and fresh watermelons. Both fruits have antioxidant and soothing properties of the skin, which ensure that the skin shines in winter.

Agnė Gilytė, Elena Puidokaitė, Reda Mickevičiūtė, Erika Paulė, Greta Akcijonaitė singing summer fruits, thinking about their wishes and trying out a limited edition of winter collection products.

Asked which rituals are performed on the body and soul, stylist Agnė Gilytė said that they are all the same as in other times of the year, but maybe more time on the body and baths take more time.

Eglė Kauneckienė The founder of SPA SHANTI reminds us that the purity of the body and mind is necessary. "This is very important, not only with a clean body, but also with a clear idea of ​​the following year. The body – wash, cleanse the skin, feed it, and help the soul to forgive, meditate. Think about what happened last year, to make a mistake, to apologize, to forgive, "says Eglė Kauneckienė.

"We have a tradition at the festive table to tell everyone loudly and for what we are grateful and grateful for ourselves. It allows us to remember what feels good during the year and inspire positivity," said Erik Paul, the designer during the festive season traditional rituals.

The spirit of aromatherapy and YALDA massage was mediated by the founder of Ayurvedic Center SPA SHANTI, the head of the massage Darius Kauneckas. The Master emphasizes that the spirit of YALDA is very close to the ayurvedic spa rituals. "Especially in winter, when you want this kind of comfort, body, soul and soul, the aromas in the east always heat up. Even the masseur and scented candles are a special benefit to our emotional, emotional health when you want to relax from the chaotic environment. watermelon in this line, "says D. Kauneckas, special massage for event guests.

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