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Crocodile hunter’s daughter Bindi Irwin has a child: they give an unconventional name, and the birth is marked by an unexpected coincidence

The firstborn was born on Thursday, March 25th. Unexpectedly, the couple’s daughter was born on a special day – in memory of Bindi and her husband’s first wedding anniversary.

“I’m celebrating two loves in my life,” said Irwin, who became a mom.

The couple broke the news of the family’s rise on Friday and shared a cute photo. The couple revealed that they named their daughter under a special triple name – Grace Warrior Irwin.

The name Grace is dedicated to a great-grandfather, and the warrior Irwin is a memorial to the savage world warrior, Bindi’s father S. Irwin.

The child will have the surname of his father – Powell. So the girl’s full name will sound like this: Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

Bindi and Chandler were married during a ceremony at the Australian Zoo in March last year in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. The news, expected by the first offspring, was announced by the couple in August and later explained that the daughters are expecting.

Posting the good news on Instagram, Bindi wrote: “In 2021, we will have few wildlife advocates. Chandler and I are very excited when we announce that we are expecting a daughter. It is a great honor and pleasure to share with you the most special moments of my life.

“Even though this is only the first trimester of pregnancy, we would like you to be with us from the beginning of this new chapter in our lives. We could hardly wait to be able to share a wonderful message. Your support means a lot to us. We will be happy to accept advice, kind words and prayers. Let everyone love and light, ”Bindi wrote.

In response to news of her daughter’s pregnancy, her mother Terri said in August that her late husband Steve would undoubtedly be proud to make Bindi a mother.

Sr. Irwin, called a crocodile hunter, died in September 2006 from diving skaters off the coast of Australia. He was 44 years old.

“It’s the best day! I’m in nine heavens right now – I want to announce that Bindi and Chandler are going to have a baby! It’s impossible to put into words the love that fills my heart. I really wish Steve was here and I could enjoy it a wonderful moment. But I know I would be extremely proud, “T. Irwin wrote on Twitter at the time.

B. Irwin and Ch. Powell began dating in 2013 when he came to a professional waterboard competition in Australia. He also visited the Australian Zoo, where the Irwin family lives and works. Since then, Ch. Powell also developed a love of animals.

Ms Irwin had said earlier that she was very happy to meet someone who, like her father, cared for wildlife and their protection. In addition, the girl added: “He is strong and strong. And that’s important when you have to dance on crocodiles. “

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