Thursday , August 5 2021

Bridge that nobody wants: Clayping politicians talk about pressure Lietuvos Geležinkeliai

Claudius politicians are once again offered a decision to take the pedestrian bridge over the railway linking Kretinga and Sauliai with the city municipality. Last time, the bridge, which was run by AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, took over last October, but the city council disagreed.

This offer goes back to the Committees of the Council. Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, in letters addressed to the municipality, points out that the operation of this bridge is not directly related to the main activity of the company, and therefore the municipality or its companies could provide timely and high quality maintenance to the bridge.

The second proposal is to contribute to the budget for reducing the environmental impact of railways by Lietuvos Geležinkeliai by installing obstacles to noise reduction.

It is planned that Darius and Girėnas, Smilties Pylimo, Herkaus Manto, Pušyno, Stadiono, Malūnininkų g. and the inhabitants of Girul. If politicians approve of this, then contribute to this project. EUR.

Edvardas Simokaitis, head of the estate department of the municipal administration, said that "Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai", if the municipality does not take over the bridge, should not rush to build walls.

"If there is no transfer of viaducts, I do not know if there will be wall construction," said E. Simokaitis.

The members of the Committee on Finance and the Economy drew attention to this situation on Wednesday.

Lithuanian railways overcome the issue of maintaining property. We can not take over and solve their issues. Now, like a joke. I do not sell an elephant with this relationship. With these steps, at least in this world, I do not believe they will get a solution, "said Arthur Schulz.

In his words, the company in other cities also built walls in Vilnius, Radviliskis. It would be interesting to know how many municipalities contributed financially.

Vygantas Vareikis also answered: "We try to connect (various questions – aut. Post) to take over this subject. This is a pressure tool and a rather unusual pressure tool. "

The chairman of the Committee, Rimantas Taraškevičius, as he was at the October Council meeting, also thought that the bridge should belong to the city. It does not serve as a railway infrastructure, but connects two urban districts to meet the needs of the urban population.

The cost of operating a pedestrian bridge (cleaning, protection, electricity) is approximately 12,000 per year. EUR.

The final decision will have to be taken by the city council.

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