An unprotected businessman did not even bother the bandits


Head of four stores

V. Yankauskas could not complain about the turbulent life or the past.

It turned out that a man without major headaches in a luxury world, especially a woman, in a luxurious dream world, where everyone smiles, is drinking champagne, paying for photographers or visiting excited Milan's famous clothing stores in the fashion capital of Milan.

However, they know little how difficult it was to go to V. Yanukovych until he reached what he had.

The world-renowned luxury brands – Prada, Gucci, Moncler, Dolce & Gabanna, Dsquared2 and many others – are the founder of the official distributor of a company in our country – are youthfully vibrant and elegant.

It is obvious that V. Jananka works in the field of fashion – she is always dressed in modern, tasteless, attractive clothes.

At the Vilnius square, there are currently four shops and the other in Palanga for the chain of stores "Two Brothers".

The most important thing is the family

An entrepreneur who grows with two sons can behave with properly educated children. Andrius and Tom successfully completed the university and contributed to the family business.

Now all three are equal partners in the development of the network of stores "Two Brothers".

Andrew's son V.Jankuskas was not randomly selected at a meeting in Palanga – he claimed that this was the most appropriate aura for such a conversation.

Because in the capital they turn like vijurkas – they constantly handle urgent matters, answer to various questions of employees in the salon, interesting people.

On weekends Jankauskai enjoys in her native Palanga.

It is true that Vaidotas' son A. Jankauskas emphasized that those are typical palindins who do not want to take Palanga tourists to the most visited streets.

They, as the real inhabitants of the resort, rarely come to the sea in summer. And if they decide to stay in it, they usually prefer landmarks that are not known to the upcoming.

The speaker repeatedly stressed that his money was not the most important. The most important thing is the family.

This was confirmed on the day of our meeting – the family V. Janakauskas, wife, both sons Andrius and Tom with her spouses and children, gathered in a restaurant next to the store.

Racketters with launcher

V. Janakauskas said that he started his own company in 1987. A year later he already had the right to open a currency account, which he used to date.

As Vaidot said, this was at the expense of the family.

At the same time, the founders of the famous restaurant "Stikliai" started their activities in Vilnius, which had such an account.

"Inturist Inturist, who was in competition with us (the influential organization operating in the Soviet Union, is dominated by visiting groups of foreign tourists – DD), complained that we took money from German tourists, so we decided to open this account in order to avoid unnecessary headaches. We watched for every US dollar or German branded profits, but the money in one of the Moscow banks fell so far, "said V. Jananka.

After the start of the business, V. Yanukovich had to experience not only happy moments. He often faced eyewitnesses in a slow country with the power that began to appear in the criminal world.

According to Vaidotas, the first Lithuanian thieves at that time believed that the business of restaurants, in which he started his career as an entrepreneur, generated huge profits.

So they were interested in the first cafeteria of the family V. Janakauskas with the yard, which began in 1992 in Palanga, S. Daukanto Street.

Two decades ago they exploded there, exploded there and exploded the hotel. Initially, it was not just food, but also a small store of clothing, a coffee shop. Once, during a white stand on the other side of the street, a criminal on the other side of the street in our explosives building hit an explosive on Thursday morning. from a launch grenade, "said Vaidotas, who was shown at a restaurant and shop in Palange next to the restaurant and trade" Two Brothers ", who had experienced a bandit attack.

The big recreatives of that time were not afraid to come to the businessman, talk all the time and try to persuade him to pay the tax.

"But I told them:" You can imitate me physically, but you will not tolerate it because I can not go against myself and I agree with my rules, "Jananka said.

After a while, the brave Palangiskis threatened several criminals to cope with the most valuable means – children.

"They decided to move to the most sensitive area – the children said that the Baltic Sea is all that my children can disappear at all -" Jankauskas told me and remembered the difficult time. "This has caused a lot of shock, even though I was not among those who gave up fast, I was a good boxer in my youth for some time, I once fought in the sports team of the Soviet Union, and then I got involved in the wrong feeling. For some time, these people took another tactic. When I contacted criminals, I learned that those who gave the deceased started to say: Do not read brothers?

Vaidotas realized that in fact all the surrounding businessmen paid monthly taxes to the robbers, and he was one of the few people on the coast of Lithuania, so he was attacked and attacked in all possible ways.

Doctor in Palanga

During this time, V. Janakauskas earned some respect among the members of the Kaunas gang of doctors who freely dug up in Palanga during the Soviet era.


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