87 workers are fired by Small Planet Airlines


The slowdown of the Lithuanian charter company Small Planet Airlines has weakened the financial problems of 87 employees – about a quarter of staff of the entire Lithuanian branch.

In October, following the receipt of a report on 87 redundant redundancy workers, the Employment Service provided dismissal for the abandonment of excessive functions and was notified of the largest group exemption last month.

Simona Bartkus, head of sales at Small Planet Airlines, says that redundancies represent about a quarter of all employees in the company. He could not say for an exact number of all employees, since they work part time on fixed-term contracts.

"Redundant workers are being implemented in two phases: in the first phase, we are informing about the Employment Service, about 44, others – about 43 redundancies," BNS said. Bartkus

According to him, about half of the positions in the administration were canceled – in the field of crew planning, air traffic control, financial accounting.

Mr Bartkus says that a large proportion of redundant workers have already left the company, and the rest will do so in the near future.

VZ wrote that it was a group of Lithuanian charter companies that started restructuring of German and Polish companies in October. announced the restructuring of the Lithuanian company.

Earlier, Small Planet Airlines, due to financial difficulties that reduced its fleet of aircraft and restructured its companies in Poland, Germany and Lithuania, announced that by the end of November it would promise to lay off 44 workers.

It is reported that UAB Small Planet Airlines, which operates in Lithuania, due to the procedures carried out by companies in Germany and Poland, will receive more revenue from these companies, then restructure the existing infrastructure and protect the activities from the requirements of external service providers : UAB Small Planet Air carriers have provided outside service providers for companies in Germany and Poland and have the opportunity to contact the company in Lithuania to recover the debts of German and Polish companies. The restructuring process will give time to repay the debts.

The company's statement then states that the restructuring will not affect flight operations from Lithuanian and foreign countries – together with tour operators with which Small Planet Airlines in Lithuania has concluded a long-term cooperation agreement, the company will continue to fly according to plans.

On October 26, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) mandated the restructuring of Small Planet Airlines to provide an updated business plan within one month. as the Director of the CAA Director Joris Gintila said, the possibilities for the operation of the airline will depend on the activities of its leading partners in Lithuania – tour operators Novaturas and Tez Tour.

In a comment sent by the VZ, it is stated that the number of employees in Small Planet Airlines is decreasing due to the reduction in the provision of services to other companies in the group. Due to a significant reduction in some areas, UAB Small Planet Airlines, which does not provide any services for Polish and German companies, is carrying out part of the excess staff in Lithuania.

It is reported that Small Planet Airlines UAB has begun a restructuring process in Lithuania that has no impact on the flights of a company from Lithuania and foreign countries. In the winter season, it plans to fly eight planes: two planes from Vilnius, one from Billund, four in Asia will have seasonal projects – in Vietnam together with new partners Bamboo Airways and Cambodia, together with Small Planet Airlines Co. .. Ltd. The other aircraft will be replaced – flights will be spent on other aircraft delays, thereby reducing the inconvenience of passengers.

The website rekvizitai.lt states that the company employs 284 people.

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