Wednesday , May 12 2021

We will strive to not see student elections again

The Lebanese League stressed the interest of Lebanese students that "we will no longer accept repression at the Lebanese university and we will not accept that all students in Lebanon exercise their democratic right and lose this right at a national university," he said.

"Ten years and student elections at the Lebanese university are in a deep coma, with the voice of a student of the killer and with the closed wings of his freedom, and the question remains in his free conscience," he said in a statement. "How long will the voice of disorder and repression remain above the voice? He asked his only sin, chosen by the" University of the Home of Freedom and Democracy "How long will fear and fear go to the students of the" Lebanese "? Is suppression of student freedom the beginning of the suppression of freedom your republic?

The Department emphasized that "many issues are increasing and every year is growing and insists on the persistence and demand of this right, and with the country's entry into the new era and the new parliament, is not it the time to return political life and return the student elections to our university with limited liability ? " It explains that "Students of Lebanese forces are ready, but the decisions and intentions of some are absent."

"As a student of the Lebanese forces, we commit ourselves not to try to restore a democratic scene in the university campus," she said.

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