Friday , March 5 2021

We have a golden opportunity to develop Lebanon after the Ceden Conference

Lebanese candidate for mandate leader Saad Hariri said that the solution to this issue is not his, but also the other. He emphasized that his main goal is the development of the country, because we have a golden opportunity for the development of Lebanon.

The Prime Minister stressed that any government will soon come in and, in his ministerial statement, included in his ministerial statement all the reforms and projects contained in the Cedar Conference, and stressed that all political parties had already agreed.

It is true that we are now a custodial government and a dear president, but the main goal is how to develop this country. I think we have this opportunity, especially after the Cedar Conference.

It is true that this conference is for big projects, but the foundation of the private sector is small and medium enterprises, and that is what you do and what we need to develop.

In addition, Cedar is not only a set of projects, but also a package of reforms. Without these reforms we can not make progress in the country.

Speech by Prime Minister Hariri yesterday was the first economic dinner of the Association for the Support and Development of Economic Associations (AERADA), led by Assem Nawam at the Four Seasons Hotel in the presence of a large number of political, official, economic, trade union, military and security guards.

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