Thus, men and women are divided into jobs in the public sector.


"Women account for about 53 percent of the population in Lebanon, but their participation in public affairs is still substandard compared to their level of education and ability to work in different sectors," Asharq Al Awsat reported. 31%, while the percentage of men is 69%. The first category is occupied by only 10% of employed women and only 15% in the second category of public services, while 31% of the general functions of women are in the fourth category.

"The percentage of women's participation in official and public institutions is not good, and numbers do not reflect what women earn in comparison with their level of education and skills that need to be enjoyed in Lebanon," said the former minister and deputy head of the National Women Administration dr. Wafaa Al-Diqa. The public sector, but not in the highest positions, shows an imbalance in increasing the number of women enrolled in university education versus men and in many peculiarities. It should be noted that women receive higher education and do not enter the labor market in essential specialties.

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