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This is my message "Najwa" … superficial in the Lebanese drama!


"Najwa" was a bitter reality of the past, which brought with it deposits that the Lebanese state finds difficult to solve, the war has not yet ended, but we still live on the social networking sites, as the writer and Lebanese girl Aida Sabra "Lebanon 24 ". She notes that when I read the text, "Ante Min" developed a personal image and expanded it with director Elie Habib Dramy "Najwa". Sabra admits that she expected the success of the work, because people want the person they like and express their suffering, which I saw through the text, the drama and the themes that were dealt with in the work.

Sabra emphasized that she changed her character and transformed numerous sentences to be similar to the character embodied in the work, since every character in her environment, language and terminology, and because she fought for barricades, had his own words and it becomes a similar word and these changes Karen Rizk God understood. When the text became a director's time, he also understood.

Sabra claims that the language of the Lebanese drama is often far from reality because the writer presents the text in one language and form, a player who is not presented in the original can not control the personality or role that he embodies. "It's not just the role of a player to preserve the text, but also to formulate words in a way that meets the character, and I have done so, and not just" Ante Min ", but any work I'm working on focuses on the background of personality and style of speech.

"The Lebanese drama does not portray the reality of Lebanon, and I think this is deliberate when the emphasis is on love, betrayal, divorce, and so on … in order for the public to get used to the idea of ​​betrayal and simplify it. This is an attempt to dissolve customs , beliefs and principles. So I do not think that focusing on stupid and superficial subjects does not look innocent, including the presentation of Lebanese society as a society rich in pushing the viewers in different ways and trying to get a woman like actress on the screen, in addition in order to destroy the Arabic language through the conversation. In Latin, "and asked patience:" Why has it become e-mail in English, you live in America with cultural wealth, but surely my must deal with me in Arabic? "

The Lebanese actress expresses her pride and pride in the number of her presence in the young drama, especially the graduates of the Lebanese university, and believes that these names have the right to play a greater role. He does not deny the professionalism of the Syrian player, who takes part in joint work and even succeeds in doing so. And draws attention to the fact that many producers do not like as good a player as the name they sell, use stars that have nothing to do with representation and then control the text, whether the writers have changed the text ?! Sabra believes that the public must take a stand and has already started to move after its further action against AnteMine, and the work was not successful only in Lebanon, but also in Jordan.

War does not recommend anywhere

The message that Aida Sabra sought to achieve through "Najwa" in "Ante Min" is that "the war will not reach nowhere, and the largest example of the war that was carried out on our land and contributed to this, but we have not reached results ".

With the outbreak of the civil war, Sabra kept her dream when she was eight years old, but today she says: "The situation has changed, so if I go to war, I will leave, I will no longer be able. We did not learn because we do not know how to read our history, and evidence of responses to every incident in the country, we find the mobilization and encouragement of people, and few of those who reject the events. "

About the cause of the fingerprint, which left the character of "Six Success" in the 1990s, which until now was linked to the name Aida Sabra and was revived by the Lebanese actress in 2016, says: "Because this personality is real and simulates dreams and people's wishes and find them in any popular neighborhood, Like other actors, the audience adapts to everything that looks like, and AnteMine has proven what I am talking about for some time now that the audience does not want to do that. We listen to them and the artist, who looks through the screen and enters the house when he speaks with the language Li conveyed and this viewer is happy to be the ones they feel. "

In response to this question, Aida said: "I express my opinion about the crises in which we live, certainly will not affect the tourist season because tourists receive signals from their countries that alert them or encourage them to visit Lebanon, and raise their voice artists, in order to raise people's awareness that they will be responsible and live dignified. "

"No matter what kind of drama is available, production companies have contributed a large number of serials, and we've already seen faces that are long far from the screen," Sabra said. "I think the Association of Representatives should have organized a law that affects production companies and has the final say in selecting representatives and giving priority to university students."

(Caroline Bazzi – Special "Lebanon 24")

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