Friday , October 22 2021

There are those who want to generalize the language of the initiative as an alternative to a culture of resilience


Member of the "Development and Liberation" of Hani Qubaisi during the commemoration ceremony in Kharayeb that "there are those who want to generalize the language of resistance in exchange for a culture of resistance and differences in return for compromise and delay. They set up the initiative in the homeland and devoted their differences, to recognize the great security of Lebanon and defense From the homeland and sacred places of national unity held by Musa al-Sadr, which I took and named, I have Musa al-Sadr, who reject them and are devoted to the dispute in the homeland, we are citizens with our passion and we are with the needs of people in every thing that needs citizens, electricity, water and health care and we are with a strong state that defends our sovereignty. We want to keep the blood and victims of the martyrs and all parties in the Lebanese arena, that all Lebanese political parties must be empowered and agreed in a government that faces external threats and internal threats to ensure that citizens but life. What we see is the path of disagreement and hatred, and they do not want to imagine it or not. "With the government of national unity we have been confronted with the division and fear that in preserving the constants and with the golden triangle that protects the homeland and unity of the army, resisting what is happening, holding some of its positions in the interests of its quotas and damaging the homeland every day. "

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He stressed that "everybody today in the territory of the country avoids their responsibility to the citizen, they all avoid his responsibilities and we have declared a clear position and the services of people are missing, forgiving his duty to form a government in the process of national unity, who want to protect the country and stand when the needs of the citizens In order to form a government tomorrow, they should be responsible not to leave or ignore the demands of political blocs in the country and take the country to another place, waiting for a solution that comes magically fascinating that this is not resolved for everyone to try to solve the problem; the formation of a government of national unity involves everything because the parliamentary election brother is the production of political forces on the Lebanese arena, and if we want to preserve the national unity that we have inside to satisfy everyone, or vetoed it and declined to fall to the title of national unity and become a government team. "

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