The first kilo bleach. Doctors advise you not to adhere to these foods!


Some foods affect physical and mental health. Here are some foods that doctors and dietitians recommend to stay away from:

– Coffee waste: products containing ingredients such as unsaturated fats, added sugar and colorants for food, are harmful to human health. For example, hydrogenated soybean oil and cotton oil oil weaken products that recommend memory and increase the risk of heart disease. Doctors recommend adding cow's or vegetable milk to morning coffee. If you do not want to remove your favorite coffee, try adding only a small amount.

– fruit juice: a cup of natural grape juice contains 36 grams of sugar.

– Cereals for breakfast with sugar: containing purified carbohydrates and added sugar.

– white sugar: consumption leads to the appearance of some health problems, such as obesity and decay of the tooth.

– Energy drinks: they have a negative effect on the teeth and pose a threat to the health of the liver and cause the occurrence of acute hepatitis.



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