Hariri congratulated students of Aisha School, Mother of Believers, Design for Change participants and seven teachers for the Best Teacher Award in Lebanon


Bahia Hariri will receive a delegation of students Aisha Matere of the faithful of the Makassed Islamic Charity Society in Sidon to present Lebanon in the Design for Change program in Taiwan on November 28, 2018. She is the recipient of the Best Teacher Award in Lebanon, Maqasid, Director of Secondary School Suheir Ghandour, Director of Aisha Matere School of Religious School, Hana Jumaa, and Hosam Al-Din Al-Hariri High School, Ms. Latfiya Mazloum.

Hariri also informed the students about their participation in the Design for Change program. The delegation also briefed the students on the achievements of Aisha Umm Al-Mu'minen students and teachers who differed in scientific, educational and national competitions.

Hariri congratulated students who will present Lebanon in this world program in Taiwan, telling them that they will be the best ambassadors for their country at this international student competition, taking note of the achievements of Aisha believers' mother-in-arms in the first ranks and awards in national and international participation.

Hariri congratulated Professor Mohsen Al-Sabah for her award for the best teacher in Lebanon, stressing that her arrival to this center is a great honor for Sidon and for purposes.


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