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Hal Shih’s father apologizes to Tamer Hosni after the crisis of their film “Not Me”

Date of publication:
July 17, 2021 9:17 PM GMT

Update date: July 17, 2021 11:45 PM GMT

The father of Egyptian artist Hal Shiha apologized to artist Tamer Hosni for his daughter’s distortion of Hosni’s reputation.

The apology came after Hala Shiha distorted the image of Tamer Hosni and showed the audience that he broke the promise with her in her new film “Not Me” about some of the scenes featured in the video titled “I Love te “.

A source close to Tamer Hosni confirmed in a statement to “Erm News” that Shih’s father had already apologized by making a phone call to Hosni’s father.


The source confirmed that the call carried a spirit of intimacy and love, and Tamer Hosni expressed her understanding of Hal Shiha’s position with him, while her father was surprised at her behavior to the point that he did not understand what she was doing.

The source explained that Ahmed Shiha expressed his love for Tamer Hosni and appreciated his value as an artist with a great history, adding that the call ended with Tamer accepting Father Shiha’s father’s apology and not talking about it again. .

This comes against the backdrop of a crisis provoked by artist Tamer Hosni two days ago by Hala Shiha after collaborating with him in the film “Not Me,” and her fellow artists have demanded that they review their work, hinting at deprivation of art and that the rebellion of fame had blinded them from the right path.

Artist Ashraf Zaki, captain of acting professions in Egypt, revealed that artist Hala Shiha has been working in the art community for the past two years with the union’s permission to work, stressing that after the crisis she recently provoked and hinted that “art forbidden ”, and tries to take us back to the periods. Topic: “It was decided to permanently exclude her from the union and we will no longer accept her papers, but she will not return to the union. “

Zaki said Hala Shiha was written off some time ago and talked to him about re-entering the union after returning to the arts three years ago, noting that he was in the process of preparing the documents needed for her return.

Ashraf Zaki, in his statements, expressed extreme anger over what happened to her, stressing that she is intellectually dispersed, and continued, “What you see is art banned and they will send us a million years back and leave us yours and mine religion. “

Ashraf Zaki confirmed that once Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy, whom he had collected before his departure, asked if art was banned or not, and he was accompanied by Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef.

Zaki continued: “Egypt is witnessing good development and lately we have great works of art such as the series (The Choice) and the film (The Coridor) that have been able to change the minds of young people who are an area that everyone knows, “He continued,” This is a recognition of the role of art, and this is Egypt, and this is one. The instability of thought wants to undermine all this. Egypt is big with its art, intellectuals and creators. Egypt is bigger than the people who have to go to treatment. “

Hala Shiha has sparked a state of controversy among social media pioneers over her statements announcing her acquittal, which is currently classified as “daring” in the film “Mesh Anna,” which is currently being screened in cinemas. and starring Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni.

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