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Guardiola responds to criticism: as it is said, it is far from reality


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was impressed by his team and players following the Chinese media criticism of his club.

The Premier League Premier League, which played on a friendly tournament involving Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Ham United, have criticized Xinhua's official news agency claiming that Guardiola and his players "lost their enthusiasm" during a five-day stay in China .

A Spanish trainer on Wednesday in Hong Kong told the local Kitshi team that the club had a positive experience during the Asian tour so far.

"I do not agree with what has been said and we can say that this is not true. To say such words, you need to know exactly what is happening in our club." The players spent a lot of time in Shanghai. with people in China. Everybody we interviewed at the hotel we respected him respectfully, and the players applied for what the crowd demanded and photographed with them. Whatever the crowd asked, we were ready to meet him. "

"I am aware that it is for us to come here, a unique experience. It's hard to get through Asia in Asia, dealing with a different culture, visiting restaurants and dealing with people. It's amazing to travel and meet other people. I do not understand how people can say that. Perhaps one of the journalists was upset, I do not know why. But this is far from reality. "

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