Fire on the background of the passage advantage


Directorate General of the Interior Department – The Public Relations Department announced that "on 12 November 2013, in the town of Al Ghadeer, there was a dispute over preferential traffic between unknown car drivers, on the one hand, and the Islamic Health Administration Rescue Center, on the other hand Between drivers of both cars and left in any case, and only about half an hour until the car and unknown people who opened fire in the building of the health authority in the said Mahalla and fled to an unknown destination, and no one was injured.

As a result of the investigations and investigations carried out by the platoon in the regional gendarmerie unit, at the local level, Al-Amrouiya-Hay al-Salam, on the basis of the references of the competent judiciary, could identify the identity and place of residence of the perpetrators and their arrest,

– H.H (born in 1984, Lebanese)

– AA (born in 1992, Lebanon)

– HJ (born in 1998, Syrian)

They were seized with the Kalashnikov missile and the amount of cannabis. They listened to what they attributed and that there was a fourth partner for them. It was first established that the judgment should be assessed.

The suspects were forwarded to the Central Narcotics Control Unit of the Judicial Police Unit for further investigations on the basis of a report by the competent judiciary, in which the arrests of their partners take place. "


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